Charlie Sheen Astrology Prediction Update – No Joke.

Via Sam Geppi
on Apr 3, 2011
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On March 1, 2011 In an article published on Elephant Journal I wrote:

“To make it more complex with Charlie Sheen, his Moon is opposite that Jupiter at about 2° Sagittarius and is getting an exact transit from the North node, Rahu, also.  That transit has not perfected yet and if he does not do something quick, he will be in serious trouble in 6 weeks when that North node hits his Moon to the exact degree. (See the bright green dots on the Sheen chart and the current one).

Rahu / Moon connections show addictions, delusion and mental illness. For Charlie Sheen, this transit is taking place in his eighth house (Taurus ascendant), a house of danger and where often the consequences of our mistakes are high.”

Of note is this:

“…if he does not do something quick, he will be in serious trouble in 6 weeks when that North node hits his Moon to the exact degree.

Here we are four weeks later, and the vice is tightening. The North Node in the Sky is closing in on that Moon in the eighth house – and as I said

“a house of danger and where often the consequences of our mistakes are high.”

UPDATE: Recent “TOUR” Debacle.

It is hard to say how much of his fragile ego and identity Mr. Sheen has wrapped up in this “Torpedo of Truth” tour, but probably a large portion of it, if not all of of it. Saturday night his Detroit show met with boos and was not the resounding success a “Winner” like him expected.

A new Moon is a time when our identity and sense of emotional Self is at it’s lowest, because the Moon (mind/emotional identity and peace) is dark and we are prone to wild emotional swings. His performance in Detroit on Saturday night, March 2, 2011 occurred on the New Moon, joined Mars, Mercury retrograde, Jupiter, Uranus and opposite Saturn retrograde. This is a lot of emotional pressure squeezing a mind that seems to be pretty unstable and fragile.

I am hoping Mr. Sheen gets his act together here real quick as the next two weeks are crucial and very perilous for him. I can almost certainly guarantee things will change suddenly and drastically for Charlie Sheen within a week or so. By the way, that includes those close to him (like the “Goddesses”).

The 8th house, Moon and the North Node are the main forces here. Some keywords / possibilities include: arrests, therapy, death, criminal activity, violence, OD’ing on drugs, women, shocking realizations, facing the truth courageously.

Let’s hope it’s rehab or something realistic and worthy of him and his talent. How sad it would be to see such a beloved and popular figure destruct in such a public way. My concerns revolve around foul play involving the women close to him – their safety and his, especially given past allegations and legal trouble with his abuse.

Sunday and Monday, April 3- 4 and April 7-9 are especially transformative/potentially dangerous days as the Moon will be very dark, then in his first house, then hit the South Node, Ketu.

One prediction I will make: I do not expect this tour will continue for long—if he even does one more show after Detroit.

By the way—I take no pleasure in predicting the peril and suffering of another, and I am not doing that here. I hope Mr. Sheen gets healthy and clean for his family and children so he can show up for all of the things I am sure he is truly living for. Examining events and people’s lives allows us to have a glimpse into the miracle of the universe and cosmic order shown by astrology.

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  1. samgeppi says:

    "Saturday night, March 2, 2011"

    Should say April 2, 2011 – not March

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    Like! ~ TY

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