Deepak Chopra in Playboy: “I think Obama should be just a one-term president.”

Via Waylon Lewis
on Apr 16, 2011
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We love the good Dr. Chopra. But re the below? Boo, I say. You say?

It’s a sad state of affairs. I loved President Obama. I’ve met with him, I voted for him and I supported him, but I think he’s ineffective at the moment. I mean, with all the support and the majority in Congress that he had, he couldn’t get the health care bill passed comfortably! It’s that way with all the things he said he would do. He can’t get rolling, he can’t get the support.

I think Obama should be just a one-term president.


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24 Responses to “Deepak Chopra in Playboy: “I think Obama should be just a one-term president.””

  1. Claudia says:

    I wonder who he proposes instead, guess will have to get that playboy

  2. Cliff says:

    Have to agree with Mr. Chopra. I've had enough of the two party ruling class system myself. Time for new and different.

  3. jh00mer says:

    What majority? The ConservaDems and Joe Lieberman do not a majority make. Once again: Chopra talks about something he knows nothing about.

  4. TamingAuthor says:

    Chopra does not even begin to touch upon the disaster that approaches. If anyone is still thinking Obama should be re-elected they have been sleeping or taking too many drugs. The hand-picked George Soros puppet has set up the end of this country as we know it. In the years to come all the Obama lovers will be sitting on the curb, starving, and wondering, "What the hell happened?" If you want a preview go rent some documentaries shot behind the Iron Curtain in the Soviet Union.

    If, instead, you would like to do something for your fellow man, first read The Creature from Jekyll Island so you understand the moves taking place. Understand the Federal Reserve and the bankers, that will put Obama in perspective.

  5. Alice says:

    no one else can do it either.

  6. dan says:

    Didn’t you recently call Sen. Sanders a “crazy uncle” and “wacky”? At least you’re consistent with the Soros stuff…

  7. guest says:

    It's amazing to me that people like Chopra would actually vote for a President who came out as pro-war before the elections. How could anyone have voted for this guy in the first place and now act shocked? Obama clearly stated he would not end the Iraq war and would additionally start another one and he only made good on his promise. Vote for a bad candidate and get one.

  8. elephantjournal says:

    ayer Ji Are you serious? UNLIKE

    Bonnie R: Totally UNLIKE – and will likely have to completely UNLIKE Deepak – what makes him qualified to speak to this?

    Karen S: Deepak always kinda creeped me out. I like him even less now.

    Lorri Hall Unlike what does he know?

    Jillian F: agreed deepak!

    Toni Mar I didn't realize that Elephant Journal is a partisan business. Yoga teaches people to see the world with "new eyes" and to clear the mind; to be able to accept that opposing qualities (including opposing energy and opposing opinions) actually compliment each other and are necessary for balance. Seeing the world in only one way is very limiting and closed-minded.

    Heidi Ketroser Massey
    Because with blue dog dems and scheming GOP, it is just so simple to pass legislation. Forget about the filibuster when Joe Lieberman was our 60th vote.

    President Obama has had so much legislative success against the current GOP. And we all… know what they are like. Deepak shows his ignorance when he says the margin was too slim. They count votes beforehand and they have folks vote certain ways depending on that vote. Some of the Dems may have voted against the legislation because it was better for their re-election in their district…many times it is arranged before the vote even happens.

    I am tired of Obama getting bashed from every direction…this guy is smart and sophisticated and understands how to keep a cool head. I STILL think he is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers. Even the dems don't always get what he is doing. But all you have to do is hear Anthony Weiner or Sherrod Brown or so many other solid progressives defend him to know that this guy is ok.
    Jason G. Smith It's always easier to attack the messenger than to refute the message.

    Belinda B. Barnes No way not again

    Lindsay Lovejoy Hildreth wait…deepak was interviewed in Playboy?? whaaa??

    Cliff Berns I agree with Mr. Chopra. He was only quoted briefly on your site. Myself, I am done with the two party ruling class system. Time for new and different approaches to electoral politics.

    Ellen Remley Wetzel I'm disappointed for a number of reasons. First, that he would allow himself to be interviewed in Playboy (that speaks volumes) and secondly that he would make that kind of public statement knowing that he has significant influence on his fans/followers. Definitely unlike!

    Jay Jehlen Obamas awesome! Coming from a democrat in a shithead bar room..

    Karen Fournier-Foley Boo

    Wendy Dreyer Elliott Agreed. Next!

  9. TamingAuthor says:

    Dan, anyone can watch Sanders and see for themselves he is a wacky crazy uncle. And anyone can get out and research Soros, the spooky evil dude. If these are your heroes you will love the folks behind the Federal Reserve. Why do you love people who seek to destroy the lives of so many? Do you basically not like people that much?

  10. TamingAuthor says:

    Well, actually, the change must start at the top as we have allowed power to concentrate at that level. But you are right that the will to make those changes must come from the community level, which is what is happening with the Tea Party. That movement will need to swell considerably, and the signs are that it will.

    Obama is the most inept and deceptive president of all time. There are a few Republicans who are at least in the ballpark with an understanding that the Federal Reserve, a scam of epic proportions, must be first opened up to scrutiny and then shut down. (For example Ron Paul and Rand Paul.)

    Before one can correct and change a system, one must recognize its faults and uncover what is taking place. It is a disgrace that there is so much information available to the public right now on Soros and his web of control over this administration and yet there are still people on the Obama bandwagon.

  11. dan says:

    You can’t really research Soros and come to such (fantasy) conclusions without a lot of imagination, based as they are on supposition and it-would-seems. With Sanders however, you can go to his website and see he points out the Fed is helping to bail out Libya, known only because of Sanders’ amendment in the Dodd-Frank bill. The Republican/Tea party could run with this, but they don’t because they’re party driven, not policy driven, as is the “Soros the spook” stuff. They don’t like what Obama is doing because he’s doing what they like and taking all the credit.

  12. elephantjournal says:

    Amen! Hear ye, hear ye!

    Only caveat: dispite all failures, which are legion, he's had many substantial successes. It's call democracy—he's not a dictator, and can't just do what he wants. Give our two party system, and three branches of government, and influence of lobbyists/corporations/money which he's derided, he still is my dream president. I'll not only vot efor him again, I'll campaign for him. But that won't mean I'll overlook mistakes, which we all would make x 108 if we were in his shoes. ~ Waylon

  13. C. Andrews says:

    We're still in Iraq, he's sent more troops to Afghanistan, Gitmo is still open, and he sent troops into Libya. Quite the Peace Prize winner.

  14. jhoomer says:

    Fantasy is easy. Reality is hard. Peaceful does not mean pacifist. For those of us who live in the real world: there are times when one has to fight. There are no US combat troops in Libya (except, probably, Special Forces attached to the CIA). There is a NATO/UN backed no fly zone that gives the insurgents some room to move. It's a way to help without putting our boots on their ground.

  15. Cole C. says:

    Waylon, is it possible for you to elaborate on the "many legislative successes" he has had or would it sound more justifiable to leave that vague claim as is?

  16. toughyt says:

    Wow. He got the health care bill passed. That's pretty effective, no one else has. For someone with a pre-existing condition, its a big deal.

  17. Bruce says:

    Your diatribes are getting tiresome. You watch too much Glenn Beck. the Koch Brothers are a much bigger threat to this nation than George Soros.

  18. julian walker says:

    obama has been disappointing. but i still feel given more time to get past the republican mess he has been cleaning up he can and will be more effective.

    chopra's opinion on just about anything except where to get some nice diamond encrusted spectacles is pretty worthless, the guy lives in a complete new age fantasy – i hope for our sake he doesnt use his superhero powers of mental manifestation to make obama lose in 2012 – hey, why doesnt he just offer to magically make all obama's decisions in alignment with the universe through hi own creative visualization!!

  19. elephantjournal says:

    Good question. This site, we've blogged up before:

  20. Blake says:

    I love you.

  21. Blake says:

    Why do people care what Deepak Chopra has to say? The only thing I would take him as an expert in is how to make a ton of money selling BS.

  22. wbtphdjd says:

    I've always had my doubts about ol'Deepak. Indeed, mentally, I tend to use "Deepak" as a synonym for "cheesy, stupid, New Age-y claptrap." This little segment does nothing to improve my opinion of him. As an expert on American politics, I see no reason at all to credit his opinion one iota.

  23. Jonathan says:

    First you trash Bob Dylan.. now Deepak Chopra… and support a war monger like Obama… Okay Waylon.. Ooookay…

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