April 3, 2011

Flawless: A Prose Poem by Emily Allison.

Photo: Sol Gutierrez


I am done molding my body to the will of the world. I am going back to the sages and yawning my vertebrae for the yogis. The road is always unfolding, laying down dominoes of demands. I have circled the block and come face to face with every billboard smile dictating divinity. I reject such scrutiny. My feet speak directly to the earthen floor. My palms are two mirrors reflecting the sky. This is my form with rough edges and fault. Everything in the middle is a hand flipping Babylon the bird. There is no submission to dogma driven by dollars. I can only find sense above the laughing cow. There, my hips are wide with wonder and beauty is redefined. Perfection’s dirtiest laundry has been hung out in the yard. Flaws are falling from the pockets. They lay lovely and forgiven in the dirt.


Emily Allison writes in her own raw and candid style. Her BA in writing from the University of Arizona shaped her craft in the early nineties. Her current blog, True for Now, is a one year commitment to her prose/poetry fusion. She is a veteran teacher of Rhetoric and Writing at the secondary level and focuses on inspiring the youth through language and self-expression. She tries to fill her time off with travel to further fuel her writing passion. Originally from the Bay Area in Northern California, her early inspirations were Beat poetry and The Grateful Dead. True for Now can be followed on both twitter and facebook.

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Read 79 comments and reply

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