May 16, 2011

A Yoga Mom Could Kick A Soccer Mom’s Asana

I am a mom. My children play soccer. Therefore, apparently that makes me the all-powerful soccer mom.  I am part of the group that holds political power and influences all the buying decisions.

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I’m proud to admit though I don’t always quite fit in with the stereotype of a soccer mom.  Sure I cheer for my children and chauffer them to their practices and team parties. But if you were to take a peek into the trunk of my SUV, mixed in with the soccer balls, cleats and shin guards you’d also find a yoga mat. I am a Yoga Mom.

While my children are practicing, rather than critique their skills or work from my iPhone, I’m the mom who rolls out her yoga mat and moves through a few yoga poses.  Sometimes I’ve taken a nice little run/walk first and I’m using my yoga practice to stretch out the muscles that just carried me for those 2 miles.  Oh it feels so good to go deeper into a crescent lunge and stretch those hip flexors.  Or to lift my hips higher to the sky while my fingers stretch out in the grass for a down dog.

Yes, I have gotten some odd looks from the other parents. Who does she think she is? She’s just showing off! Is she one of those liberal, hippy moms? Has she even signed up for snack time yet?

“The trophies mean nothing. The glory will fade. In the end all that matters is your happiness.” — Unknown

Recently my non-conformist behavior really set the soccer set buzzing.  As we waited for the game to begin, I was sipping from a quart-sized Ball Jar; the ingredients were quite suspect by the other parents and their Big Gulp cups of soda. I swear they moved their chair further away from me when I said it was an organic juiced creation I made that morning as part of a weekend Ayurvedic cleanse.

Since soccer practice is almost always scheduled right before or after one of my yoga classes, I’m usually dressed in yoga pants and tank top. The other moms must wonder if I own regular clothes. I carry a light jacket in my car to cover up with, but when the sun is shining and the temperature is climbing, I don’t hesitate to take off the jacket and soak up as much vitamin D as I can.

I must look like I’m more interested in sun bathing than what’s happening on the soccer field. I promise, though, I always know the score and which position the kids are playing.

I love kicking off my shoes and digging my feet into the well-manicured grass and dirt. My bare feet pacing the sidelines are as much about watching the action on the field, as it is a walking meditation.

Yep, I’m getting those looks again.

That’s ok. I ignore the whispers and the looks. I’m doing what’s best for me and moving my body and breathing. I am finding a few moments in an over-scheduled, over-stressed day to just be present. And maybe even setting an example for my children that even soccer moms need to keep their bodies healthy and strong. Even moms need time to practice their chosen sport.

Oh and by the way, yes I have signed up for snack and this liberal, hippy mom will be bringing an organic healthy treat for the kids next week.

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