May 2, 2011

Brain Spotting Can Set You Free of Trauma & Negative Thinking.

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I wrote about my life when it blew up a few years ago in my post “When Life Blows Up on Every Level” and realized after writing it that I may have survived that time; but I hadn’t fully moved past it and truly thrived again.

Trauma is a funny thing.  You go into automatic “dealing mode” until you’re through it; but your brain and your body don’t really clear it until you take action and do specific trauma release work.

Most of the time we’re all so busy taking care of life, getting through our dramas and our traumas; that when it’s all over we’re just glad to have survived it.  What’s really important to realize is that our neuro pathways haven’t recovered.  Our bodies are in overload and we’re suddenly programmed to be on high alert; never returning to our natural level of relaxation we had prior to the event.

After going though a particularly difficult time I wrote “Domestic Violence Isn’t Always Physical” and started reflecting on my last few years of dating.  In the past I had enjoyed wonderful relationships that resulted in good friendships.  What had happened during the most recent years of break ups?

The common denominator was me.  Was I suddenly terribly flawed?  Perhaps, but what became clear was that I was making poor choices in the middle of dramas without any down time to recover.  Even when life seemed relaxed, I was looking over my shoulder waiting for the next shoe to drop.  I was filled with anxiety and couldn’t find a peaceful center inside of myself regardless of the meditation time on my cushion.  No wonder I had made poor choices one after another~

I started searching for answers.  I knew that traditional talk therapy wouldn’t help as I was tired of listening to my own voice repeat my stories over and over again.  I did some investigation and discovered EMDR work, and then even better in my opinion: Brain Spotting.

Brain Spotting brings you through your traumas and out the other side with peace.  When we experience difficult times, our brain creates new neuro pathways.  Once formed these pathways look for evidence of more difficulties.  In layman’s terms; traumas and dramas create hormone like chemicals that feed these neuro pathways, and these pathways want to be fed constantly! It’s like buying a red car and suddenly noticing all of the other red cars on the road.  Our brain now looks for evidence or situations that will feed the new neuro pathways regardless of the subject. Brain spotting closes the door on these pathways permanently.

No longer does the memory create a reaction emotionally or physically in your body.  When we’re in constant reaction mode, we make decisions from that place of imbalance.  We’re not ourselves and we don’t think clearly from a place of power.  With Brain Spotting, we’re able to find our power again.  I find myself standing taller and feeling like myself in a way that I haven’t felt since my younger idealistic “I can do anything” days.

Through my work with Brain Spotting, I find that one by one, the memories of the past are closed naturally.

When these neuro pathways are shutdown, I find myself in my natural state of perfection, before all the trauma of life descended upon me.  I feel peaceful in a way that I don’t ever remember feeling naturally.  It’s like that “one glass of wine after a massage” feeling.  Priceless.

Since starting my brain spotting sessions, my work has improved, my focus is sharp and my emotional state has been even and relaxed.  I’m able to make decisions from the “now” vs. the past place of reaction.  When you’re living in the now, you’re fully present and able to see clearly from a state of wholeness.

As we peel back the layers during Brain Spotting sessions, we start to dive deeper and deeper into early traumas; those original traumas of childhood that led me towards the choices and circumstances experienced into adulthood.  One by one those neuro pathways are faced and sealed over leaving me with only the now moment of today vs. the trauma of yesterday.

Who would have thought that an hour session could be so effective?  I highly recommend Brain Spotting. We all deserve to stand in our natural state of power and perfection don’t you think?


~all photos from freedigitalphotos.net  Baby feet by Sura Nualpradid, head by Salvatore Vuono, fast car by M – Pics, meditation pose by markuso, child on beach by quyenlan,  door by Danilo Rizzuti

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