6 Tips from The Wharton School’s Mortgage Professor on How to Improve Your Credit Score.

Via Liz Benson
on May 21, 2011
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Though it’s details are a mystery to most of us, we all benefit by having the highest credit score possible.

Calculated from information in your credit report, it is a measure of how good a risk you are to a credit grantor. The score can determine whether or not you qualify for credit, and if you do, what interest rate and terms you are offered.

Jack Guttentag, professor of finance emeritus at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, offers 6 tips to improve your score. Some are obvious – Pay on Time, while others are less so – Reduce balances on revolving credits to less than 50 percent of the maximums. Either way, I found these tips helpful and thought you might too.

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