CBS Reports: Happiest Town in the US ft. Dave Query, Sean Maher. {CBS video}

Via Waylon Lewis
on May 8, 2011
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The Pursuit of Happiness in the United States.

What makes for a happy society? Real food, some sunshine, walkable/bikeable, affordable housing, resilient economy, access to Nature and education, low crime, high tolerance, active citizens…what else?  ~ ed.

“[Boulder is] mainlining the vibe of well-being.” ~ CBS News.

Maybe Boulder’s liberal eco-responsible active foodie well-educated types have the right idea, after all.

Boulder, Colorado, my and elephant’s hometown, wins lots of awards.

Recently, we were named Gallup Poll’s Happiest Town in America. And it’s true. It’s a happy place. 300 days of sunshine a year. Foodiest town in the US (Gourmet)—meaning local, organic, artisanal cooking by some of the best. A great farmers’ market. You can bike everywhere, and let the car rust (or sell it, as I did, some years ago). 33% of families own a dog—it’s dog heaven. But this is no Stepford Wives/Desperate Housewives town—it’s a rugged, dry, real place—a place for athletes and tech entrepreneurs and students, with a cafe and/or yoga studio on every other corner.

The upside? Every morning I’m grateful to wake up here. The downside? When I travel, I always feel like I’m missing out.

Below, CBS reports on what differentiates Boulder from, say, Huntington,  West Virginia (which some will know from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution TV show).

Dave Query:

“I lived in San Francisco, lived in Miami, New York City, Chicago, and I just think that this community—for me and what I wanted to do—it just fit.”

May 8, 2011 7:13 AM

Sunday Morning correspondent Jim Axelrod’s new book “In The Long Run” took him across the country to two very different communities to find out what beckons us to the pursuit of happiness.

Read more:;photovideo#ixzz1LpblJ7ob


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5 Responses to “CBS Reports: Happiest Town in the US ft. Dave Query, Sean Maher. {CBS video}”

  1. elephantjournal says:

    Boulder Named Happiest Town in US:
    Pat Smith Duh. Especially on 420.

    Michael Sage why I'm returning

    Odessa Spore The only problem is you have to stay in Boulder to keep up the illusion of perfection- as soon as you leave – your shocked to find people really do suffer and your one of them.

    Liz Lewis Joseph Yeah, but don't you have to be like practically a millionaire to live there?

    Dominic Thompson Like, no.

    Choga Nyima If your a person of color that might not be the case!

    David Lewis We all know these magazine rankings have no meaning. What has meaning is that people who believe they live in a happy place will feel happier, or even more miserable.

    Waylon Lewis Aunty, there's plenty of affordable housing, we have a strong program. But yah lots of fams who want the big yard and big house and big garage live in one of the L towns. Or, folks like me nearly lose their shirts trying to live downtown, but are able to have nice home-offices and get ride of their cars, both of which make me…happy.

    Choga, we are 33% Latino, or does that not count for you? I've never seen anyone here be anything but welcoming to diversity, in fact we're rather overeager for it. I always just say that we have the blessing of never having been a slave st…ate, which is, now, something of a curse in that we don't have a strong African-American population. Denver, being more urban, does. And of course there's strong Native American influence, especially up in the mountains.

    ahahah Odessa and you and I know there's plpllllenty of suffering everywhere. I've been through plenty, speaking personally, over the last few months. And if you're talking about physical suffering, there's plenty of sick, dying, challenged persons here, too. I think some of you are getting into the realm of stereotypes about this place!

    Liz Lewis Joseph What' an L town, 'phew?

    Waylon Lewis Ah: Louisville, Longmont, Lafayette, Lyons…the surrounding towns.

  2. elephantjournal says:

    I asked what makes for a happy town. Answers:
    Santasree Chaudhuri Inner realisation, awakening of every individual in the spirit of altruism,and positive consciousness towards humanity. Global responsibility for a better world and unified family of peace and trust.

    Cynthia Beard Clean air and water. Generosity and unselfishness. Flowers. Love.

    Marian Sippl Sundin Affordable housing? Ha! I hope you don't mean there's affordable housing in Boulder.

    # Marian, there's a ton of it. We put a lot of money into it, and require a portion of all new development fund it. There should be more, of course, but that's the downside to mindful development, as opposed to sprawl—there's a limited supply. Many of my friends, and myself, barely make more than our rent or mortgage–but biking around, etc, it is as JH says in comments still a great town to be poor in. All the best things here—the parks, sunshine, cafes, networking, poetry, music–are free or cheap. ~ W.

  3. elephantjournal says:

    Liz Lewis Joseph Ah I see….

    Liz Lewis Joseph I just keep reading about how affluent Boulder people are and I know that you've had a real struggle to keep from losing your house. It sounds like my hometown. I could never move back there because I can't afford it.

    Choga Nyima ‎33%??? for the 5 years that I lived on Cedar I could have counted about a hand full of Latin folks? I love Boulder and all the Great spot's around town. The only time I saw other folk's was in the summer by the Creek and at Efrins on Sunday? But allot has changed in 5 years there!

    Jonathan Huey its a beautiful place to be poor also.

    Waylon Lewis Choga, I hear you, and that's a problem…there's not a ton of intermingling. But it's a strong community.

    Waylon Lewis Aunty, yah, it's a downside of buying up Open Space and having intentional development, instead of sprawl. But that's why we've put so much into great affordable housing, and need to continue to do more.

    Remy Chevalier Must be the altitude.

  4. elephantjournal says:

    Patricia A Who named it the happiest town? You have to wonder?

    Mike M I feel happy

    Suzanne L
    I live just east of CU. My neighborhood is mostly students and service workers. I see lots of immigrants around here and everywhere I shop people speak Spanish. The people who don't see diversity in Boulder aren't in the right places. If yo…ur world is just where rich white folks live, then of course that's all you will see. Boulder is actually an excellent place to live if you are trying to get by on little money. You don't need a car to get around and so many people live with roommates that no one thinks twice about having lots of people living in a condo or a house. There's also free wifi on Pearl Street and in the public library. There is lots of free entertainment, places to enjoy nature, and great thrift shops. Yes, if you want the typical suburban lifestyle, Boulder will be expensive. But if you want to live lean, it's far more doable here than most other places.

  5. […] been traveling, a bit, for the first time in years. Getting out of my hometown cocoon, as uplifted and sunny and healthy as it is, is healthy. It stretches my envelope and surrounds me with folks who don’t know who I am. […]