May 15, 2011

Understanding our emotions: the key to unlocking our fullest Life potentials.

‘Your life could change at any moment, you just have to be there.’

Current location of there:  35,000 feet above sea level, crossing the Atlantic Ocean.  Destination:  irrelevant.  Journey: potentially life transforming.

I love the essence of being nowhere in particular that flying gives me. In an aircraft, I’m afforded a sense of anonymous freedom that is difficult to attain in my daily living where my attention is constantly being split in a myriad of directions due to the various hats I have chosen to wear:  from responsible bread-winner to Universal Empress’ role of service to humankind.

My overall experience is that people are somehow more respectful of personal boundaries when in flight than when we are grounded in the physical sense. Perhaps this is due to a collective vulnerability we share as we surrender our lives to the hands of the persons keeping this bird in flight. The process of travel – by air, road or sea – for me, provides the quintessential playground for meditation, giving me sacred time for inward reflection and quite often, resolve.

Many of my breakthroughs and revelations have occurred during travel, amidst blankets of cotton soft white clouds cascading crystal blue skies. In my efforts to live responsibly, I acknowledge that while I may be enjoying personal fulfillment, it is not without cost to our Earth Mother’s ozone layer, and beg divine forgiveness.

Life, with barely two hours to today’s destination, has been daunting lately.  Its deep twists and sharp turns have beckoned me more so than ever to invoke un-blinding trust and un-questionable faith. In Jamaican parlance, “mi ah guh thru said speed” in other words, in spite of it all, still I persevere.

I continue to learn that in/at the University of Adversity, lessons are abundant and endless. Just as we believe that we’ve understood Point A, we’re thrown another set of circumstances. Anyone journeying along the path already understands one basic Universal lesson:  we will continue to be thrown the same curve balls with increasing speed until we get it. So rather than lament, we are given reason to rejoice – clarity is just around the corner!

Several weeks ago while on line, Google brought me an excerpt from Judith Orloff’s book Emotional Freedom. With only a cursory glance, intuition led me to immediately order the book. Since purchasing it, this book has traveled from New York to Jamaica to Africa where upon arrival there, it joined company with my growing library and was essentially forgotten about until the wee hours of this morning while packing and deciding which book would accompany my journey this time.

Reading more than two books during any given period is not unusual for me. Dr. Orloff must have been observing my emotional theatrics and antics of the week gone by as I felt her beckon me to choose her book from the bookshelf.

Emotional Freedom is exactly the book that I need to be reading right now.

I had barely completed its first chapter when in the most calm, definitive fashion, my inner voice responded to the question that had gnawed at my soul for the last five years.

How do I wish to spend the remainder of my life on this planet Earth?  More to the point, how and where can my Divinely bestowed talents be of the greatest good to humanity as we strive for a new way of being?

Like a cascading waterfall, the answer came, along with a sense of inner tranquility and knowing that to even attempt to articulate would not lend adequate credence. All of my life experiences to date had prepared me to finally embrace my destiny of being a helper and healer to others. For the first time, I understood how all of my own trials and tribulations may be merged as an offering to others pursuing the quest of personal discovery or recovery, in a resoundingly positive way. Some may comment that I’ve already been doing this, however for the first time, I managed actually own this!

Sometimes as we chart our life courses, the dots may appear random, sporadic and dis-connected. I realized today that I needn’t concern myself with how these dots will eventually form. I only need to believe beyond the shadow of a doubt that they will. And they do.

My lesson this week, one that I’ve had several times before is this: when we don’t allow ourselves space to breathe, invariably we are suffocating our own potentials. The raw nature of fear is debilitating on the one hand however once we’re courageous enough to acknowledge its existence, we soon discover that its basis is rooted in irrationality, and most times is not a true reflection of our reality.

Being immersed in the stratosphere of Mother’s Earth gliding above and beyond has truly revealed her magic and power to me. In this meditative state, I am able to lovingly separate from my Self thus enabling me to see the elemental forces at work and play in my life.

For anyone who feels that their life is at a crossroads, celebrate its intersection. You, along with Divine Destiny, get to choose the direction you wish to take. Do not despair if you find yourself standing at this crossroads for a period longer than you might have envisioned. Being at this magnificent junction, even if it doesn’t feel this way right now, believe that all is possible as it truly is.

Continue to do the work of peeling away those layers that are blocking your deserved access to your heart which ultimately is the home of our soul, our freedom’s portal and access to the life that we’re intended to be living.

And so it is.

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