May 20, 2011

Why Reiki Rocks. ~ Nancy Fowler

Upon discovering that I practice Reiki, many people naturally ask, “So, what exactly is Reiki?” Truth be told, I inwardly sigh when this question is posed, not because I don’t want to spread the word about this great healing modality, but because—let’s be honest—the answer is, well…out there.

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“It’s a form of energy medicine that helps release blocks in the energetic centers of the body and is channeled through the hands of a Reiki practitioner…”

As you can imagine, I sometimes get odd looks after sharing this information, or worse, the dreaded pause and then awkward response of, “Oh.”

Yeah, exactly.

It doesn’t really matter what people think about Reiki, though. It’s about how they feel after they’ve tried it out. Quite frankly, Reiki rocks. Having practiced Reiki for years and given hundreds of treatments, I can make this statement with confidence.

There are numerous things that qualify Reiki as a rocking-awesome form of energy healing and it would take a lot of time (and words) to go into all of it, so here are just some of the biggest reasons why Reiki rocks:

1) It feels really good.

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Consider it a massage for your energy centers (i.e. chakras). The most common sensation my clients experience during a Reiki treatment is one of calm warmth from the practitioner’s (my) hands and tingling sensations.  Needless to say, this good feeling-ness alone is enough to get people to come back for another Reiki session.

2) It works (even if you don’t think it will).

Reiki does not require a belief in it for it to “work.” Granted, people that come into a session more open often receive more profound experiences with a treatment.  However, some of my biggest skeptics walk away from a session mesmerized by what takes place during a Reiki treatment. Headaches seem to melt away, tension in the body eases, and stress subsides. Old emotions get stirred to the surface and are released. Regardless of whether you believe in it or not, Reiki works.

3) It’s safe.

Reiki can be safely used in conjunction with any other modality. You can rest assured that no matter what other form of healing system you incorporate into your routine, Reiki will work safely alongside it-—if not even enhance the effectiveness of the other treatment(s) you include in your well-being regime.

4) It’s sexy.

Okay—this might be a stretch, but being healthy and happy is sexy. I firmly believe Reiki is a catalyst for both of these. Reiki creates more positive energetic flow in and throughout the body and therefore more health is achieved. Healthy people tend to be happier, which I think equals damn sexy.

Photo: Peace Eagle Herbs

Not yet convinced about the wonders of Reiki? The only way to know for sure if this modality is right for you is to try it out.  What do you have to lose?  A friend of mine once told me, “Nancy, if you hadn’t given me a Reiki treatment, I never would have believed it was real.”

You’ll never know if you don’t give it a go.

Reiki rocks.

Now go get yourself some.


Having played with the healing energy of Reiki for several years, Nancy Fowler feels exceptionally honored to share Reiki with others in both her private practice and personal life. Nancy considers herself on the journey of an Awakening Warrior, and strives to live a life that embodies what she preaches.  Nancy desires to be a spiritual muse, but is also a strong advocate for a healthy dose of “spiritual irreverence” now and then.  Nancy is a Reiki Master and Teacher and owner of the Colorado-based Reiki practice Remedy Reiki.  Find Nancy at www.remedyreiki.com or on Twitter: @remedyreiki

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