Personal highlights from Hanuman Festival’s Ambassador. (Monkeys & Elephants & Redford, oh my).

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on Jun 19, 2011
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Seane Corn, Waylon Lewis, mosh pit (well, not quite), Boulder Theater, Hanuman Festival.

I was honored to serve as Hanuman’s Ambassador, teach a meditation class, host a Walk the Talk Show with Seane Corn, MC Yogi…and emcee the final Elevation Celebration—which actually had great, thoroughly danceable music and of course a joyous, open community. ~ Waylon Lewis, Hanuman Ambassador & editor: / host: Walk the Talk Show.


A few personal, mostly un-interesting-except-to-me highlights of the festival:

Emceeing at the Boulder Theater for a rowdy, inspired, generous crowd (the whole night a benefit for Off the Mat, Into the World, which turns all this yoga community stuff into a vehicle for generosity and social change). Talking life and path with Seane at some length in the famous Theater alley, where for decades all the legends hang for a moment of fresh air before playing their sets or speaking at the Theater. Walking her at end of (her) night through alley so she was safe. What a true friend, not just a yoga celebrity. Hanging at end of night with Yoshi, a co-founder of Hanuman, and new colleague and friend MC Yogi, talking about next year.

Hosting a barebones but fun, funny and sweet and touching Walk the Talk Show—MC Yogi nearly made everyone cry, Seane Corn would have made everyone cry but I rushed her interview so as to end on time, Jason and Chelsey inspired, glued together, Cara Yoshi and Val reminded us that success is rooted not in corporate bullshiite but in vision and followthrough.

Afterward, getting one of best compliments of my path: one of gents who filmed Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis with Seane Corn, MC Yogi, Yogaslackers + Hanuman founders said…you know how there’s two commentators for sports events, the accessible/funny guy and the serious/knowledgeable guy? I said, right, hah, I’m the dumb one? Cause he had started off by saying I’m funny. He said, no man, you’re both.
Some more photos.

Seeing my merry band of elephants totally raise their vibration (slogan of Hanuman), host a great, fun, relaxed, simple booth (next door to our brothers/sisters at Yoganonymous and across from Seventh Gen, thanks to our intern David). The whole booth was organized with the help of Diana Mercer, 8 Days a Week (banners), Third Street Chai’s Lemonade, and our team.

Riding about on my bike with an ecstatic doggie Redford, who barked joyfully at the crowded Jai Hanuman! closing celebration a few hours ago. Seeing the huge, green, hot Vendor Village community…couldn’t wait to get there each day.

I did a lot of this, in between everything else:

No, not that. This:

It’s a living worth scraping:

Okay, more personal highlights.

Enjoying a delish, elegant thank you dinner at elegant St. Julien with the other Hanuman organizers and VIM’s.

Missing Boulder Theater MC Yogi show ’cause I had to blog all night (and morning) in hopes of keeping our readership numbers up. A favorite moment because, even in the midst of community and fun, our seva is our greatest honor.

Going to Farmers’ Market on Saturday, and seeing the two open-ended communities walk back and forth across Arapahoe Street and mix and mingle.

Seeing Yoshi bike. Cara crade her baby. Valerie cry, happily. Megan laugh. All the volunteers sparkle (I know, I know. It sounds corny, but they did).

Popping by the new The Kitchen [NEXT DOOR] and seeing dozens of Hanuman monkeys enjoy some of Boulder’s finest, simplest, most affordable mindful dining.

After an extended, unending, rough four and a half months, slowly learning (thanks, true friends) to hold my seat, stop fearing, sit up tall again and re-open up to something other than habitual mind, depression, stress and sadness.

Doing daily videos with Kasey, the smilingest, hardest-working gal in show business (seriously, she works half the night, every night of these festivals)—thanks, Be Present, for sponsoring her vital (and fun) work.

Meditating, each morning, and eve, and remembering there’s a reference point—the indescribable, yet very-much-there present moment—other than my own habitrail mind.

Teaching a meditation class for non-Buddhist, busy, nutty people like myself—fun, practical, well-attended (thanks friends and strangers) despite being more practical than sexy, at least compared with all those wonderful yoga teachers.

Shaving for first time in month with new eco-ish razor, made out of old whiskey barrels, bought to replace my old razor left at my ma’s in Halifax.

Getting a new, eco-ish mattress off, just received it in the mail, Colin helped me unpack it—goodbye, humble fun couch cushions on the floor, it’s been a camping-ish 4.5 months.

Hosting and meeting Colin, elephant’s webby, hadn’t ever met him in 3D though we’ve worked together just about every day for, what, a year? More? He planed his way here, 20 hour trip, from Scotland. He loved Boulder, ate it up, let’s get him back, hey?

Having a final late lunch with a bunch of random colleagues and elephant writers, most of whom I’d never met before this fest, including Lindsey Lewis, Chelsea Roff, Jessica Durivage and her pro photographer beau Carl Kerridge (who took the photo at top of Seane and I dancing), Kasey Luber…


And now, LOHAS, where I’m on two panels and elephant’s hosting official afterparty.


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13 Responses to “Personal highlights from Hanuman Festival’s Ambassador. (Monkeys & Elephants & Redford, oh my).”

  1. Megan Marini says:

    Oh Glorious Waylon.. YOU ARE SO LOVED. Your spirit is infectious…. A good infection. I'm thrilled to fall back into your love light… You made the Hanuman ride so much more meaningful for me.. Not just because you're so silly, smart and ridiculously fun to be with, but because you share your truth relentlessly and we need to wash each other in this. I want to support the monkey in you.. and ignite more of the monkey in me. You inspire me Waylon.


  2. Diane says:

    Hooray to the entire Hanuman crew and the ele team for loving that little monkey up and down (wait, that didn't come out right). So lovely that so much fun was had by all, with friendships forged. Now we're talking sangha, baby!

  3. elephantjournal says:

    Whoops, shoot, videos not showing up. That's the big white gaps up there. I'll try again. ~ Waylon

  4. Chelsea says:

    YES! No fear in the face of Love, my friend. It was an absolute joy to spend this weekend with you. Can't wait to do it all again next year. 🙂

  5. Claudia says:

    Great pictures Waylon!

  6. Rachel says:

    Thanks for all that you do. CANNOT wait for Hanuman 2012 to laugh, connect and shake my booty!!!

  7. Nadine says:

    LOVE the SuperOM T-shirt Waylon! Where can I get one? Bless, Nadine!

  8. Just posted to "Featured Today" on the Elephant Yoga homepage.

    Bob W. Yoga Editor
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  10. elephantjournal says:

    Ah, it's ooooold from my Boston days. It was from Free Tibet stuff, actually.

  11. Carl says:

    Jai Hanuman Brotha….this year will be rockin for sure…more pics here if anyone wants to see some of the amazing activities and teachers.