June 15, 2011

Basic Meditation Instruction: Sanity for Busy Bees. ~ Waylon Lewis video

Here is something pre-coffee that we did one morning at Hotelephant for our friends at Wanderlust Festival:


Original blog:

Event Announcement: Meditation Lecture with elephant editor Waylon Lewis.

Waylon is hosting a giveaway, announced at the end of the class, of a Prapatti meditation cushion to a lucky meditation attendee. Bring your questions! What are best books to read? Is reincarnation important to believe in? Does meditation make your mind clear? How much should I meditate each day? Are meditation retreats important? I can’t meditate, what now?


This weekend elephant journal is among the sponsors at Hanuman Festival. Waylon Lewis, festival ambassador, is offering a free meditation lecture Friday, June 17th at 1:00 p.m. (only Hanuman Festival attendees are free).

A second generation American Buddhist, Waylon will lead an “incredibly long, boring and fruitful meditation session with instruction and discussion.”

The meditation focuses on waking us up to our fundamentally aok human nature and bringing us to the present, a practice that we can use in our hectic daily-lives.

Waylon and the elephant journal community are excited about Boulder’s first nationally-prominent mindfulness festival.

For more info, visit the Hanuman Festival website and take a look at Waylon’s recent interview re what to look forward to at Hanuman.

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