Hot Yoga Will Make Your Sex Life Hotter.

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Explore all the benefits of your hot yoga practice.

I’m leading a packed room of scantily clad students in a room of wall-to-wall mirrors at ZenSpot Hot Yoga studio. My students’ supple bodies glisten from the 102-degree heat as we work our way through 60 minutes of rhythmic moving, stretching and breathing through a series of postures. Ujai breath and the occasional moans of intense release can be heard between the seductive beats of Kayne West and Lady Gaga. The sequence is like an erotic dance on the mat, charged by the electric energy in the room, orgasmic in many ways.

The good news for hot yoga practitioners: the energy generated during your practice translates directly into other areas of your life, specifically the bedroom.

Any regular exercise routine will make you healthier, and everyone knows that better health equals better sex. But what makes hot yoga better for your sex life than, say, swimming or walking?  “Heat helps to get the Kundalini energy flowing. I have a number of patients who do yoga and have found that it has sexual benefits,” said Jan Stafl, M.D, board certified in OB-GYN and Holistic Medicine. Stafl, who practices medicine in Eugene, Oregon, also practices yoga.

Here’s how it works:

1) Hot yoga will decrease your sexual inhibitions.

You’ll learn to love your body more. You’ll become toned. You’ll increase your self-esteem. Hot yoga at ZenSpot burns more than 700 calories per hour, compared to an average of 260 for hatha yoga and 480 for Ashtanga yoga, which helps to tone those ‘jiggly bits,’ as Bridget Jones refers to them. It also helps us to accept and love the jiggly bits that remain. “I feel like I’m in my best shape, ever,” said Sandor Lau, a ZenSpot student of eight months. “My body shows it and people notice.” In addition, the increased coordination, agility, and flexibility we gain on the mat inevitably leads to added confidence and a more adventurous spirit between the sheets.

As a hot yoga teacher, and as a woman, I am comfortable with how my body glows because of the definition that hot yoga has provided. I feel strong and my skin looks impeccable. I also have no problems with being naked publicly and/or privately. I feel strong and confident.

2) Hot yoga will raise your libido and increase the frequency and length of your sexual encounters. Three words: Heat. Endorphins. Endurance. Ever go on vacation to Mexico or Southeast Asia and notice that everyone seems, well, sexier? “There are anthropologic studies that show the libido of women in tropical climates is greater than that of women is cooler climates,” said Stafl. This hot-weather lust may be attributed to Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH), which scientifically has been linked to increased sex drive in women and is produced by the pituitary gland. Yoga practice stimulates the glandular system, which, with sunlight exposure, can elevate the production and secretion of this substance. And the combination of temperature and physical challenge in hot yoga class increasesheart rate for a sustained period of time, increasing athletic endurance.

“I’ve never felt more turned on around my partner than after I get out of class,” says ZenSpot student Debbie Blair. “And when we act on my friskiness, we can go for hours – my energy is increased tenfold.”

3) Hot yoga will increase blood flow and lead to better orgasms. “As women age, especially after menopause, blood flow to the clitoris and G-spot can be decreased  — yoga can increase blood energy to these areas, increasing sexual satisfaction,” said Stafl.

My husband and I have firsthand experience with the benefits of increased circulation. We’ve had a few students suggest that we’re always so healthy and vibrant-looking that we must have unbelievable sex. Of course, they are correct! Hot yoga has given both of us extra bedroom (or any room for that matter) endurance which makes foreplay and orgasm amazing.

4) Hot yoga will spice up your sexual repertoire. Think poses.

“Hot yoga has led to new positions in the bedroom,” said Blair, who has been practicing at ZenSpot for nine months. “You can actually express the postures while you’re having sex,” she said, citing Downward Dog and Camel pose as two favorites for she and her partner, who also practices hot yoga.

Personal favorites for my husband and I include Downward Dog, Happy Baby, and Wheel pose. Yummy! Don’t take my word for it, however; try it for yourself and explore all of the benefits of your hot yoga practice.

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anonymous Oct 10, 2014 8:45pm

Heat is not a friend of male reproductive organs.

anonymous Jul 16, 2011 2:27pm

[…] She also has a sweet innocent voice she calls “Barbie” she uses in “Super Bass.” These multiple personalities may boarder on schizophrenia, but you can’t say that she isn’t original, and that she’s only being used as a sex symbol. […]

anonymous Jul 11, 2011 6:03am

Action requires kolnwedge, and now I can act!

anonymous Jun 27, 2011 6:58pm

I have to say here that if I was a student in a Yoga class and my male, or female instructor taught the sexual aspects of yoga, I would be extremely uncomfortable. Unless the messages are delivered in a detached, matter-of-fact, maybe even clinical way, I probably would get up and leave, actually. Not because I have a problem with sex itself, but I would feel like a boundary was crossed. Sex is different for everyone, and being publicly open about sex, in conversation, with nudity, or what-have-you is healthy for some people. I figure healthy extroverted personalities are fine with the openness. And I totally honor that. Have at it, be open. Great! Whatever floats your boat – but to assume that everyone else has the same temperament may be a mistake. Especially, in a classroom situation where students will feel compelled to follow a leader that makes them uncomfortable. Here is an analogy, imagine that some people have fully dilated pupils more often than others, and the instructor was shining a bright, strobe light style into their eyes during a class, would they stay? Will they even learn? If the leader isn't honoring a more reserved nature, no matter how much that reserved person tries to buck his or her instincts, s/he is not going to get the full benefits of Yoga. A more neutral approach is probably better for everyone, and is more respectful and honoring of individual tastes. To me, it would read as a teacher trying to impose their will onto others, regardless of their disposition. It would read like.. hey, it is OK to be totally open (it is) – if you don't feel comfortable, you will (whoa, what?) I am totally open about sex with people I am already comfortable with but unless my teacher was also my sister or husband — um, no. One could argue that the yoga instructor is somewhat of a counselor, or doctor of sorts, but then you have the class witnesses present. Still a No. THAT just reads as an adult form of peer pressure.

anonymous Jun 20, 2011 7:49pm

As if I needed another reason to practice hot yoga! Love it. A Baptiste teacher once made a joke that another name for “happy baby” or “deadbug pose” is “welcome home honey.” Lol. Fun, funny and informative 🙂

anonymous Jun 20, 2011 2:01pm

[…] Hot Yoga Will Make Your Sex Life Hotter. […]

anonymous Jun 16, 2011 2:21am

Kelli, thank you so much for contributing this article! I really appreciate its content and even learned a few things. 🙂

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Tanya Lee Markul, Assoc. Yoga Editor
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anonymous Jun 15, 2011 5:31pm

I agree. Talk about promoting your new market "position" (cough).

anonymous Jun 15, 2011 2:24pm

This sounds like an advertisement for Zenspot. Nothing wrong with that as long as they paid the financially strapped EJ. Also, as a male yoga teacher, I have to warn the teacher/owner/doctor that I would have serious (possibly legal) complaints from my students if I talked about my classes and sex life the way she did hers. Lastly, I love hot orgasmic feeling classes as much as anyone but I recognize that it has nothing to do with my growth as a yoga student so I tend to downplay that aspect of what yoga can do and instead tend to stick with the yamas and niyamas, asana, pranayama, etc…
I'm going to go practice Downward Dog, Happy Baby, and Wheel pose.

    anonymous Jun 16, 2011 1:10am

    Hi Johnson. Thanks for your comments! I can understand your points as this article definitely takes on a perspective that is not the 'norm' when it comes to yoga, but isn't that okay? I mean, promoting a healthy sex life versus how the media presents 'sex' is at least one positive. What do you think?

      anonymous Jun 16, 2011 6:39pm

      I suppose it is okay to some people. I would love to see a similar article written by a person who uses marijuana legally for medicinal reasons extol the virtues of pranayama and how it makes breathing the pot smoke so much more enjoyable. That would be much better than the way the media portrays pot as a harmful product. Of course I am playing devil's advocate here. At the end of the day, I like yoga, I like sex and I like EJ.

        anonymous Jun 17, 2011 12:10am

        Thanks Johnson! 🙂 🙂 Media aside, yoga can help to improve all facets of our lives and we shouldn't be ashamed (not saying you are) to say that it also helps to improve our sex lives.

        I'm with you on that last bit – yoga, sex, EJ. 🙂 🙂 Glad you are out there.

    anonymous Dec 13, 2011 11:54pm

    I see your point, but I do think it is important to shift your focus when readings about topics such as sex. What we really need in this world is a little more peace, love and understanding. Sex is one of the most sacred, wonderful, intimate things there is. Not to mention a universal thing. Yoga (as a practice) is not universal so this is an amazing article to give perspective of how yoga benefits something that every single persona already partakes in. In my opinion, sex is a celebration of everything that makes us human. Why put shame on someone sharing their experience with being more connected? I also think as yoga teachers its important to reveal your humanity. The yamas, niyamas, asana and are essential, absolutely. But how can you really apply them if you don't teach from your own authentic and human perspective? To me, embracing these parts of ourselves, and choosing love over fear is what yoga is about. Sex or no sex.

    With love, xoxo

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Kelli Harrington

Dr. Kelli Harrington is a teacher trainer, a yoga teacher and co-founder of ZenSpot, Inc.–Hot Yoga, Human Empowerment and Feng Shui design company dedicated to creating positive life balance for mind, body, and spirit. Harrington is also the co-founder of the ZenSpot Institute, a yoga teacher training facility and online education school dedicated to certifying high quality yoga teachers and wellness change-agents.

As a certified fitness trainer, Ayurvedic lifestyle and weight management specialist, stress management and life coach, Reiki Master and wellness leader, Kelli spends her days running her business in service to others.

As a vegan, EdTech geek, social media junkie, entrepreneur, activist, and environmentalist Harrington earned a doctorate in Educational Organizational Development and Leadership from the University of San Francisco; two Masters degrees at Teachers College, Columbia University and Pace University respectively.

ZenSpot, Inc., is based in Oregon with facilities in both Portland and Eugene.