June 23, 2011

Imagine finding out your house is built on a trash dump, or…

…that it’s infested with snakes!  Yikes – both of these stories are strange but true according to an article in AOL Real Estate.

Trash found underneath homeowner's yard

When a bulldozer began to to clear away dirt for an in-ground pool in Brian Dyer’s back yard, the Lakeland, Fl, homeowner got the surprise of his life: mountains of trash emerged from the hole. “It’s just a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach to see what they’re bringing up with each scoop,” he told Tampa Bay’s 10News.

Another homeowner in rural Idaho bought a home infested with garter snakes.  The former owner of that home reportedly recalls killing 42 of them in a single day and resorted to making “snake sweeps” before his wife and young sons got out of bed in the morning. After battling the reptiles unsuccessfully for months, the family finally fled. They later filed for bankruptcy, and the bank foreclosed on the property.

What a nightmare!  Apparently the snake house owners had been warned in their Seller Disclosure that the house had this snake problem, but the new owner thought it was a story that the seller’s had made up to get out from under their mortgage.

The owner of the house with the trash buried underneath it had no way of knowing about that and will likely have a messy lawsuit with the home builder (who also denies knowing about the trash since it was buried 3 feet below the surface).

You can check out the full article and a video here.

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