The Cure for Distraction.

Via Clare Polencheck
on Jun 4, 2011
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The cure for distraction is attention.   

“Attention means focus, it means simplicity, it means giving your attention to one thing, one person at one time. Not in a fixated compulsive addictive way, but to be able to really give yourself, at that moment, to the person you are with. 

Learning to meditate is learning to pay attention. It is the art of attention in the simplest purest most immediate way. When you sit to meditate you let go of all the 1001 different things that are going on in the head. But don’t underestimate how distracted you are. It’s not easy, so don’t expect it to be easy. But it is simple. And because it is simple, anyone can do it who really wishes to do it, and is humble enough to keep coming back to it and learn, day by day, little by little, how to pay attention.” -Laurence Freeman OSB

Meditation is giving yourself to the person you are with…your Self.

Dom Laurence Freeman OSB, Director of The World Community for Christian Meditation addresses attention.

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About Clare Polencheck

Clare L. Polencheck is a yoga instructor who strives to live and write from a Christian-Yogic spiritual perspective, and is humbled to share tidbits of her lessons as a teacher of asana, a student of her students, and a pupil of Universe. Learning to go with God’s flow is her dharma code.


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  1. I like this way of looking at meditation, Clare, and I always like hearing about meditation in other forms of spirituality, like Christianity.

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    Bob W. Yoga Editor
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