July 7, 2011

Clean your House, Change your Chi!

Are you feeling stagnant, blase, or needing a little lift?

Next time you feel this way, clean your house and see what happens. You can literally change the vibration or lift the vibration of your house by cleaning and bring in new opportunities quickly. Have you ever walked into a home where things were a little chaotic and in a state of disarray and you felt a little uncomfortable? You know that same feeling you get when you’re watching hoarders on television. Or have you walked into a home that was clean, pristine and looked like a museum and you felt really good there? Like when you’re watching HGTV and they’re doing the grand reveal of the space after they HGTV’d it. Those “feelings” all have to do with the energy in the space.

I self diagnosed myself with a cleaning disorder. Anytime I am stressed, I clean, if I am frustrated, I clean, If I am sad, I clean. Why do you ask, would I do such a foolish thing? Because it makes me feel better. It lifts the vibration of my home, which in turn changes my vibration to a higher one and the end result is a happier gal. Obviously, you don’t have to be as obsessive as I am but you get the picture.  A little cleaning, goes a long way.

Energy flows from the outside- in and flows from the middle of the house outward in a specific pattern that we Feng Shui people call the ” lo shu flight path.” When chi is flowing and there’s an obstacle in its way, such as a stack of laundry,boxes, or just a bunch of stuff everywhere,  the chi cannot flow uniformly and that’s when you may start feeling stagnation, tired, depression, low energy, etc.

Energy brings opportunities for money, relationships and health. When energy is met with an obstacle, it diverts from its normal path, which in turn takes longer to complete the “lo shu flight path.”  For example, picture yourself driving along and all of the sudden the light turns red, which in turn forces you to come to a screeching halt.  If you were to keep doing this a dozen times, it would eventually take longer for you to get to your destination. Now use that same analogy and picture the energy flow in your home…every time  it’s halted by an obstacle, it will take that much longer for the opportunities to come in.

By cleaning up after yourself, cleaning the house, clearing away clutter, and keeping your home pristine, these actions will left the energy of your home and the chi will be able to flow freely and effortlessly and this will help bring in more opportunities for money, relationships, and health. Give it a try and see what happens.

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Read 12 comments and reply

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