Homosexuality, contrary to Evangelical reports, is soooooo Natural. Just look at Nature.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jul 10, 2011
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“There’s nearly 2,000 examples of homosexuality observed in the animal kingdom… but there’s only one example that has ever been observed of homophobia. Which of us is unnatural?” ~ Stephen Fry

Hey, evangelicals, learn from Nature before throwing around words like “natural.”


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6 Responses to “Homosexuality, contrary to Evangelical reports, is soooooo Natural. Just look at Nature.”

  1. elephantjournal says:

    # http://www.facebook.com/elephantjournal

    S: humor AND truth. 2 of our favorite things.

    Nancy S: If they gave a sh*t about what was natural, they wouldn't be so horrified by nudity.

    elephantjournal.com And they wouldn't support GMOs. ~ W.

    Brian A: Um, are there videos of "Natural" Evangelicalism… you know… Evangelicalism occurring in nature? hahahah. LOL

    Tom B: Wonders if Evangelical and Evil angel reports are one and the same.

    Nancy S: Religion is very unnatural, humans are the only animals who practice it.

    Except that cats think they're gods and dogs think that we are gods.

    Christine: There are so many unnatural things going on!! Lol

    Elaine: I had a dog that was gay. Loved him a lot. He also liked cats too, lol.

  2. Nancy says:

    The book, Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation (author Olivia Judson), has a wondrous array of sexual behaviors. Heard her speak on NPR about an insect that could change genders and impregnate itself, and there's a chapter heading about a removable penis.

  3. Ron Porter says:

    I see a picture of two male apes. One male ape is mounting the other. Any zoologist will tell you this is an act of dominance and aggression. It has nothing to do with relationships, bonding or mating. It is specific behavior in establishing the hierarchy of social status within the troop. The alpha male demonstrates dominance by mounting any other male in the troop. lower status males demonstrate their status by mounting males even lower on the social status ladder. So, this is basically a red herring.
    As for birds, any Zoologist will explain that same sex mating is produced by unusual circumstances in the enviornment. These include over-crowding; lack of eligible males with which to mate and changes in the food supply.
    Finally non-human animals do not possess the ideation or emotive behavior of Homo Sapiens Sapiens (not as scietic fact established by empirical study and, peer reviewed).

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  5. ARCreated says:

    best comment ever: Religion is very unnatural, humans are the only animals who practice it.

    Except that cats think they're gods and dogs think that we are gods.

  6. ARCreated says:

    Just curious what does ideation and emotive behaviour have to do with what's "natural" ? I always thought the idea of calling something natural or unnatural was that it precluded "thought" and spoke to instinct?
    Your argument though becomes in my mind that in "nature" or AKA what is most natural — is to you use sex as a weapon and as dominance? awesome. Let's all be natural then??? So is that what the religious groups want? They want us all to act NATURAL? That's what they keep saying…well if we did then we would using sex in a non bonding way. Your point goes to our point…stop saying "natural" or UNNATURAL because even that is broadly defined…in NATURE everything goes…literally everything OK everyone you heard the church — let the orgy begin 🙂
    PS — I also thought in nature same sex mating occurred as a form of population control? Ever stop to wonder if the good lord was smart enough to do the same thing with people??? hmmmmm…