July 26, 2011

How you & I can help Congress avert Economic crisis—now.

Update: Line-by-line corrections on Boehner’s speech.

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“What I heard tonight.”

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Total cost of Bush’s new policies: $5 trillion. Total cost of Obama’s new policies: $1.4 trillion.

Not just great because we can meet our responsibilities…great because we can still come together as a nation in times of crisis.

A More Perfect Union

(video at bottom may be better synced).


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do what the man says! WRITE TO YOUR CONGRESSMAN.


call in the morning. John Boehner 202-225-6205 Eric Cantor-202-225-2815

call! A call is noticed more than an e-mail…

List of Representative

List of Senators


President Obama Addresses the Nation on Dangers of Default

July 25, 2011 | 14:48 | Public Domain

With eight days until our nation faces an unprecedented financial crisis, the President addressed the nation on the consequences the stalemate in Congress could have on the stability of our economy.

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