Boulder’s Tour de Coops this Sunday, September 4: Part of EAT LOCAL! Week

 With a cluck-cluck here, and a cluck-cluck there – all around Boulder’s a-cluckin.

Coop'd Kids

Boulder’s coop tour happens this Sunday at the rooster tail-end of EAT LOCAL! Week (September 4). The tour is FREE! For four hours September 4 local chicken enthusiasts will have an open house—er, open coop—so you can poke around and see what all the cluckin’ is about. Learn how easy and fun it is to raise chickens, and meet your local homesteaders.

The Tour has a new website with up-to-date addresses and details on an interactive map: http://www.tourdecoopsboulder.com/ Camp Culinary will be doing a chef demo with local eggs at 3 properties, and Conscious Coffee will be serving iced coffee at one address. Check the map for details.

Laura Ruby via YummyYards.org

Come check out what local homesteaders are doing. Get inspired to start raising your own chickens, goats, bees, pigs, or culinary garden. You can download and print a map of the Tour De Coops, as well as a flyer (featuring the Barnyard Couture art works of local artist John Lace), here.

The Tour de Coops is sponsored by Boulder Valley Homesteading, Transition Colorado‘s EAT LOCAL! Week, Mile High Organics, The Lyons FarmetteYummyYards, elephant journal, and Visionary Values.

A Bite about EAT LOCAL! Week:

The Tour de Coop dates hug Transition Colorado’s EAT LOCAL! Week, which started on August 27 and goes through September 4.  The event brought leaders Joel SalatinBALLE‘s Michael Shuman and Slow Money’s Woody Tasch in to town to celebrate awareness of local food production. For more on EAT LOCAL! Week’s events, check out EatLocalGuide.com under the “EAT LOCAL! Campaign” section.

Here are some shots from last Sunday’s Coop Tour in Lyons:

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steven Aug 31, 2011 1:21pm

Check out the new Tour De Coops website and get involved!!! http://www.tourdecoopsboulder.com

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