New Midway Trailer from Photographer Chris Jordan.

Via Anna Brones
on Aug 1, 2011
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Chris Jordan and his team are currently in the production process of “Midway,” a film inspired by Jordan’s heartbreaking [photos] of dead albatross with plastic pollution in their stomachs.

We are at a mid-way place. On a remote and isolated island in the middle of the Pacific, twelve-hundred miles northwest of Hawaii.

This is a moment in time, a chance to witness and understand our role in an astonishing environmental tragedy. This is a place that provides context. Here, reflected in the beauty of the Albatross, is an unfolding horror. Yet it is a horror in which we see our own lives, a snapshot of our impact on the planet that challenges us to consider how to move forward.

Join us on a journey with photographer Chris Jordan, on a breathtaking and emotional journey, into the heart of the Pacific, and into the heart of ourselves.

The trailer is truly touching; a good reminder about what effects our everyday habits really have.

Production continues through 2011 and the film is slated to be released in Fall 2012. Learn more about the project and the journey Midway Journey’s website.


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