12 things to consider before breast implants.

Via S.V. Pillay
on Aug 8, 2011
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One woman’s view.

(1) Going under anesthesia is no joke. You could die. Let me say that again: you could die, even at the hands of a competent, board-certified surgeon. It is rare, but possible. If I found out I had to have major surgery, I would freak out. Do you willingly want to put yourself through that stress? Look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are willing to die for fake tits.

(2) It will hurt. A lot. The intense pain and numbness around your breasts may last for days, weeks, months, years, or forever. Yes, forever. There is no way to predict how your individual body will react to this intrusion. Ouch!

perma bra breast

(3) Getting implants is like buying a new car. Cars don’t last forever, and neither do implants. Sometimes you get lucky and get ones that last for several years, but most implants do not last that long, even the expensive ones. Eventually, you will have to go back under the knife and face the risks (and pain) of surgery. Again.

(4) It is going to be ridiculously expensive. Budget out more than one surgery; the doctor may not get it right the first time, or there may be a complication after a few weeks. Also, you may want the implants removed someday, which is an additional cost. Insurance does not cover these costs. In addition, if you are not on a group insurance plan from your job and you are seeking individual insurance coverage post-surgery, you are probably screwed. Health insurance companies look at silicone breast implants as a “pre-existing” condition, and they will put you in the high-risk pool, thereby tripling the cost of your insurance.

(5) You may think people won’t judge you, but they will judge you. Fake boobs are something you will be silently judged for by both men and women. I’m not saying it’s right, but it will happen.

wired magazine breasts natural

(6) Attitudes change with time. If you are in your 20s, you will grow and mature beyond what you can imagine now when you near the age of 30. This is happening to me (again) as the big 4-0 looms around the corner next year. Attitudes are bound to change.

(7) You will get lots of attention based on your breasts. Duh. This is why you’re considering major surgery. But consider also that you want to be respected for your brilliant mind, too, not just your tits. It will be frustrating when you are perceived as a sex object and little more.

(8) Some implant cases are more understandable than others. If you’ve had a mastectomy or if you have a completely flat chest, like a 12 year old boy, for instance, implants may make you feel more womanly. They may. They may not.

(9) Not all men like fake boobs. In fact, it is a serious turn off for some because it says a lot about a woman’s self-esteem, which appears to be externally derived. You could meet that great guy, but alas, he may not be able to get beyond the idea that your boobs are fake. They feel different to the touch than natural breasts and could very well be a psychological barrier to building intimacy with your partner. Along with that, many guys don’t care about boob size, contrary to how the media portrays them.

(10) Look at your natural breasts, touch them, and try to perceive their beauty. If you are considering implants, you obviously do not see your natural breasts as beautiful. Ultimately, you want to replace them with ones you think will be more pleasing. If you look at images of women’s natural breasts from the past, you can take yourself out of the context of this era and see natural breasts as a thing of beauty and sexiness, regardless of size.

(11) Research by the National Cancer Institute has found that women with breast augmentation are more likely to die of brain cancer or lung cancer compared to other plastic surgery patients. Pretty self-explanatory.

(12) If you can’t stop thinking about fake boobs, consider refocusing your attention. When I find myself obsessing about an aspect of my body, such as my imperfect butt, I am not putting my attention where it needs to be in that moment. I was born and developed in a certain way, specifically designed to do certain work. Work that will save me, repeatedly.

For me, it is writing. Writing gives me the one-pointed focus that calms my mind and centers my thoughts. This focus allows me to produce great writing (sometimes), which actually puts my whole being at ease. This sense of ease emanates from a deep place, beyond the body.

When you consider something like getting breast implants, you are essentially taking your eyes off the prize in life. And you doom yourself to a body-centered existence that will make aging an even more difficult process, and you will constantly strive against it. All bodies age and perish; there is nothing to hold on to, as much as we try by using artificial methods such as breast implants.

What you really want and crave has nothing to do with anything outside of you. It is the source of your own enthusiasm and the pathway to peace on the inside.


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S.V. Pillay is a former high school English teacher and current freelance writer in the great city of Chicago. She enjoys writing about religion, spirituality, art, endangered species, the environment, and social justice. She is American by birth (want to see her birth certificate?), South Indian by DNA, a student of yoga, and a proud Generation X’er. She prefers interactions with real human beings as opposed to social networking. And although she owns her share of MP3s, she still listens to records, tapes, and Cds. S.V. Pillay is currently working on her debut novel, a book of poetry, and a bunch of short stories. Click here to follow her on Twitter. Click here to read more stuff.


92 Responses to “12 things to consider before breast implants.”

  1. I once had a friend who used part of her inheritance to get breast implants. I tried to persuade her to find a deeper beauty to who she was, but failed. I didn't have the painful facts in your article then. I wish I had. So thank you for sharing. I am sure there are more friends to educate! And great ending! I can relate to the way you find yourself through writing, through focusing on the deeper parts of your being, instead of just the surface. I just posted an article about my experience with eating disorders.

    As you can imagine, it also involves a focus on the body. Shifting the focus is great advice! How do you do it Sunita? How do you shift from a useless, or even destructive focus of your energy, to a healing/constructive one? For me, the hardest part is always that initial shift. It's hard to break an obsession! Thanks again for lifting us from the body to what we really crave.

  2. megan says:

    I have to say I like it better when ej focuses on articles that aren’t judging other people. I understand the need for open discourse, but this article seems a bit harsh, even from the point of view of an all natural girl…

  3. Odile says:

    I don't think this is harsh– or judgmental. (The writer never tells the reader what she "should" do or not do.) I think this is a nice new perspective with good points/suggestions. Love this this piece, actually! Thanks Elephant Journal. Hope people pass it on.

  4. Jason Gan says:

    Human beings are forever attracted to trends of fashion, be it a modality or style of exercise practice or tattoo. Such things are never permanent, especially that tattoo on your head that reads: "Nothing is Permanent."

  5. AbbyHoffmann says:

    fake boobs have become as acceptable as make up or hair extensions. Breast feeding rates continue to drop in the UK as more young women turn their backs on what their breasts are actually there for. Beautiful breasts come in all shapes and sizes and while yes it is a choice and some women do opt for surgery after say, a mastectomy or after children (see above comment) it something we should be debating as the rise of 'easy' cosmetic surgery (in the uk) and pressure on young women to conform to unrealistic and damaging images of femininity are increasing.

  6. Tamara says:

    I sold into plastic surgery for years when I was a rep and saw many many of these surgeries; the before, the during and the after. While I never chose to do this myself, I find resentment growing as I read your post. Many of your points are not accurate, ie: pain, additional surgeries, etc and the tone of judgement throughout your post is quite frankly rude. I also found your use of boobs, tits, etc. an example of low grade writing. I'd prefer to hear your authentic voice as I can hardly imagine you truly communicate like this.

  7. Tamara says:

    I did not sell implants.

  8. Knl00000000 says:

    Im not trying to be rude. But I personally take offense to this.

    Let me start out by saying those who do it for bigger boobs, or attention, or even to audition as a porn star. It’s their decision they have their reasons. I doubt Someone will spend thousands of dollars, just to spend money.

    So who are you to try and change minds?

    I am scheduled for my breast augmentation in a week from tomorrow. I have researched surgeons, hospitals, clinics, websites, blogs and even YouTube for the last 9 months.

    Would you like to know why???

    I have an “A” and a “D” cup chest. Completely abnormal and freakish. I fully admit it. I’m 26, and 3 people have seen my chest. My OB, my mom, and my surgeon. Not even my ex husband has seen them. My self esteem is the lowest of low. I cannot wear a bathing suit, I can’t have intimate relations, I can’t even wear a bra without stuffing one side. I have been like this for years. And it bothers me.

    So before you go judging, insulting, or elaborating on your “personal opinions” and try to scare the crap out of people. . Maybe you should think:

    Hmm. Maybe these people have valid reasons or insecurities. And as an adult, we have the right to make these decisions. So get off your sarcastic high horse.

    People like you make me feel bad for wanting to accept myself, or wanting my boyfriend to accept me, at this point I won’t even give him the chance!. And society deems perfection these days. I’m no where near it, and never hope to be. But this is something I want to do for my peace of mind.

  9. Knl00000000 says:

    After reading my post, I realized there are quite a few grammatical errors. Which is quite embarrassing while on a rant.

    However, I’m clearly offended by this.

    My fingers took charge and my previous result was the ending product.

    I do need to apologize, the post was aggressive.

    I do think you should consider the reasoning behind such a life changing decision rather than criticizing it because your beliefs.

    Granted, you have the right to voice opinions. But taking other people in to consideration, would be a nice gesture.

    Just a thought.

  10. Sunita Pillay says:

    Hi, I wish you the very best with your surgery. I do understand your personal reasons for wanting it done. Unfortunately, my opinions regarding this subject exist in the world, too, and cannot be sugarcoated simply for fear of offending people. These are valid concerns and something to think about before going under the knife. This is the great thing about Elephant. Differing opinions can exist here and be heard, provided they are respectful. -Sunita

  11. […] The woman who helps other women embrace who they are on the inside and accept what’s on the outside, has silicone under her flesh. […]

  12. […] guys speak out in admiration and longing for their loved one to alter themselves surgically. As we’ve covered, here, boob jobs (and respect to you if that’s your choice, just do it for yourself, not us) are iffy, can be […]

  13. Gently says:

    I agree with Tamara, this is a coarse piece of writing that shows an untrue perspective, a kind of fundamentalism where there is oversimplification and very narrow focus and the facts are somewhat warped, a puritanism.
    I do not have implants. I respect friends who have chosen to have implants and friends who have chosen not to have implants.
    (8) Some implant cases are more understandable than others. – I think any "implant cases" are understandable if we have compassion instead of the moral high ground. Can you accomodate physical shortcomings more than self-esteem or emotional shortcomings?
    7) You will get lots of attention based on your breasts. – not all women who have breast implants dress in such a way as to exhibit their breasts.
    (5) You may think people won’t judge you, but they will judge you. – Perhaps Sunita you could simply say that you judge women who have had implants.

  14. jennifer says:

    Fake boobs are for ppl with low self-esteem… try learning to love yourself, it comes from inside not anywhere else and remember “STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK,WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK IS THERE PROBLEM NOT YOURS” and most importantly,, stop compairing yourself to others… we were all born to b unique…….

  15. Christina says:

    This is a sad piece of writing. I know plenty of women with fake boobs, and if you saw them walking down the street you wouldn't even know they were fake. So what does this say about your article? That's it's shallow, insecure and dangerous. What does this make you? A hypocrite.

  16. Laura Kay says:

    I am a yoga teacher, and studio owner and I LOVE MY BREAST IMPLANTS! People judge everyone on a daily basis. Doesn't stop me from living my life that I chosse. I chose my augmentation and I rock them proudly! It's a personal decision which should be respected. Stop the hatin'…

  17. iloveginger says:

    right on Sunita- well done piece, love!
    these procedures.. surgeries, including elective cesarean sections {which sadly, have become super popular} are not without risks!!
    mind blown> my friend just paid for her *18 year old* daughter to have these sacs implanted into her chest.

  18. Devacat says:

    Startling how many negative and defensive responses there are to this article.

  19. Thais says:

    Dear, I did not have a flat breast, however, as I gained and lost weight when I was a kid, I had breasts like a chubby boy and did not feel confortable with them. I didn't want my boyfriend or anyone to see it and so I decided to do the surgery. I had a mastectomy to recontruct my breasts, but only with that they would turn out to be almost flat, so I had also to get implants.
    Now I have a B cup and I'm quite tall, so they are not oversized. I explained to my surgeon what I wanted and the reasons I wanted. I said I didn't want big boobs at all. I just wanted to feel better and not so unconfortable about myself. I did not get more attention of man because of it, I was never the type of girl of many man and nowadays and keep it that way. It has been the same. I'm not the type of girl who shows off (and actually I even feel bad when I have a sort-of-low neckline) and have a lot of boyfriends. I'm very natural, I hardly wear makeup, I love to go hiking and be in touch with the nature and usually people don't belive I've got them even when I tell them I do. My breast seem and feel natural. The pain from the surgery was nothing close to the pain I felt all this years looking at the mirror everyday and hiding myself as much as I could from my ex-boyfriend. I don't mind if the ones who know about it judge me or not. I'm happier with them. Probably the same people that judge the implants would also jugde you by stuffing your bra, so do not mind. I don't know about you, but it's not this kind of people I care about and that I want to be in my life. I do not regret it. By the way, my implants lasts for a life time, I will probably not have to replace them – but if I ever do I will be ok with it.
    You are the only one who can decide rather you should or you shouldn't. At fisrt I felt offended by your post, but when I read your reasons I felt bad. I have done that myself (not posting, but thinking about this things) and I know how it feels.
    I wish you figure out the best way that it will work for you and I wish you luck.

  20. Sarah Beth says:

    Let's not try and fool anyone here. If this were a truly "non-judgmental" article then Sunita would not use words like "tits"
    Many women find this labeling to be derogatory. Breasts of all types are beautiful and a woman should always feel safe and supported by ther women, no matter your beliefs. So stop scaring women and start posting REAL facts in an open and objective manner. Thanks.

  21. What a judgmental post. I definitely wasn’t expecting something like this on Elephant Journal. Many women have their own very personal reasons for choosing implants. While you make some good (albeit over-dramatic) points about the surgery, women undergoing surgery don’t do so on a whim – they’ve been advised of the potential for complications.

    I’m a new subscriber to the Elephant Journal because I thought I really agreed with the message. Apparently I’m wrong about that – apparently judgment and condescension is just fine around here, under the guise of “expressing one’s opinion.” No thanks – this isn’t my cup of tea.

  22. Honey if you think this is "harsh" or "judgmental," you really oughtta get out more.

    Second thoughts: don't. Stay indoors. Turn the radio off, the tv off, turn everything off, turn life off! It's going to be a whole lot frikking "harsher" than this!

  23. Nicole says:

    This is clearly written from a point of view with little to no understanding of what (some) women consider before going into this surgery. Point seven is particularly ridiculous:

    (7) You will get lots of attention based on your breasts. Duh. This is why you’re considering major surgery…

    Um, FALSE. This is not why some women consider this surgery. Before you make blanket statements on why YOU think women get plastic surgery or go through a breast augmentation, go interview a few women on why they did it and hear a different side of the story. This procedure is not all about the Heidi Montag/stripper appearance/look at these "tits" that you keep referring to. Also, so what if people go through this procedure to help their self esteem? That is great for them! We all deal with ourselves and esteem in different formats.

    You clearly help yours by taking a stab at something you know nothing about. Get off your high horse, please.

  24. Elodie says:

    I find this extremely offensive and degrading; I will be going in for my BREAST (not tit) Augmentation consultation in 3 weeks for my own personal reasons. I think I’m very lucky that my surgeon is also my best friend’s Father, I have an enormous amount of confidence in him, and I know that he will do what’s right for me and get it right!!! You have over exaggerated a lot of your facts to try to scare people. Yes it is a bit daunting and there are risks that come with the augmentation, but using correct and accredited information and educating people on the risks will get you a hell of a lot further then trying to scare people!!

  25. Elodie says:

    To the statement it will hurt a lot: well yes it will hurt to some degree but everyone deals with pain differently. To statement (11) you can get hit by a truck and die tomorrow, there are plenty of things in life that you can do today and potentially be dead tomorrow. To this comment in one of your lasts paragraphs “When you consider something like getting breast implants, you are essentially taking your eyes off the prize in life. And you doom yourself to a body-centered existence that will make aging an even more difficult process, and you will constantly strive against it.” This I’m sorry is a crock of [email protected]#T!! You only live once; life is all about making mistakes growing and learning from them, but most of all enjoying it!! You say you essentially take your eyes of the prize WHATS THE PRIZE??? Everyone’s goals in life are so different. Some women may strive for perfection while others strive for wealth and the list goes on and on!!! The statement of “Getting implants is like buying a new car” I find also offensive, the amount of incorrect information you have written just shows that you need to do more research.

  26. Elodie says:

    I like many other women have spent quality time researching the pros and cons of breast augmentation, and have made the effort to well educate ourselves of all the risks along with consulting our surgeons. These risks and the choice to go through with the augmentation is our choice and our choice alone. We understand that people might judge us but that’s life, people judge one another every day, it how u cope with it that matters. When I get my augmentation done ill be proud of them!!! If people don’t like it or don’t agree with it thats fine by me cause its not there body its mine and im going to be rocking it

  27. Elodie says:

    My apologies the reply is so long, have a good day everyone!! 🙂

  28. shaydewey says:

    This is not a credible list, I feel so misled for even clicking on the link.
    Your insurance rate doesn't triple, for instance.

  29. […] for the last twenty years. He also happens to be the man responsible for bringing the bubbly saline injection-based forehead look to Japan. People who like extreme body modification want to find their own way of […]

  30. […] Secondly, come on, do you really think bigger boobs will help you be a better person? […]

  31. See Hilde says:

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  32. Lauren says:

    I'm really surprised at the defensive responses here. Consider for a moment that women have such self-loathing that they will undergo a risky and expensive elective operation. Why is that? What's wrong with our society? The author is very right to point out the issues above, because most people won't say it.

    See a lot of people commenting about respect. How about respecting your body and yourself? How about recognizing the beauty you have, instead of purchasing a false sense of attractiveness or completion? Your body is not flawed. Your thinking is flawed.

    Beyond that, implantation dramatically increases the chances that you won't be able to successfully breast feed. Those who may one day have children need to seriously consider if their larger breasts re worth sacrificing their child's best possible nutrition.

    Lastly…the grass is always greener. Large breasts can cause pain in the neck, shoulders, and upper back. They make it difficult to find cute clothing, and difficult to do some asanas.

    I had contemplated a reduction of my size 34 G breasts, but decided against it because I couldn't bring myself to cut my own body open to suit some externally-imposed sense of beauty. Instead I learned modifications for yoga, I strengthened my arms and back to help ease the pain, and I learned to dress in a way that was flattering but didn't emphasize my chest.

    And, I learned to accept the body I was born with. This body is mine, flaws and all, and I find it truly disheartening to see so many women so eager to so violently change their bodies.

  33. Ellen R says:

    Another point to consider is that there may come a time when you need an echocardiogram, an ultrasound of the heart, a test that can help diagnose cardiac abnormalities. Breast implants interfere with this test and make it difficult to get good diagnostic images.

  34. Maria says:

    How about women, like me, who breastfed for years and are left with empty bags of skin, flar raisins of breasts? I'm not that old, I wanted to look normal and had small implants put in to fill out the sagging skin. Not for my husband, for me feeling less lika a haggard old woman then. NO one can guess (if I'm not completely naked and they see the scar). It might have been shallow reasons, but I feel that they don't match the ones you point out in the article att all.

  35. Feenie says:

    I totally agree with you, it was a tough decision for me because of the stigma attached to it. But I too have a valid reason as so many girls out their do. It's not always about bigger boobs, but about natural looking boobs. And now we have the option. I am surprised that elephant journal posted this article, it is quite judgmental and fear based for my liking. And are we not all here to move away from that and be more open and accepting of others choices.

  36. Tikismall says:

    I think anyone who can't "get over" a woman having augmented breasts is just as preoccupied with appearance and is masking their dislike with "I just believe in natural beauty" to appear less superficial, judgmental and rude.

    Some of these people are just another group that takes part in body snarking.

    Get over it.

    Start looking at women for their minds, humor, achievements and goals.
    When we stop with the sexist attitudes about a woman's appearance we can maybe achieve some balance and less hurtful judgments for those who don't appear to look the same as us or fit our "standards".

    If you personally do not like the "feel" of augmented breasts then don't date a woman who has them.

    Or is it easier to try and make women feel guilty about possibly going under the knife so you can feel more comfortable with what your hands touch?

    Because (in most cases from my experience) the decision to change someones appearance really is the person who is going to undergo the change, not the people who are trying to tell you what they "think" or what "your image will mean" to strangers.

    It's your choice and no one should tell you your body is the only thing that makes you seem "REAL" to them.

  37. Corrina says:

    Actually, you can have it covered by insurance. At least my aunt got her breasts enlarged and had it covered. She claimed depression and anxiety over her small breasts (which were not small, she was at least a 34/36B and they were well-suited to her frame) and it wound up being covered. Then again, my uncle had a government job, don't know if that's all part of 'Keep America Beautiful" or what.

  38. Corrina says:

    Eek, meant to add this. On the flip side, I have a friend who had very large breasts and she was in constant pain. Of course, she had to pay for her reduction out her (and her husband's) pocket, insurance refused to cover it. Funny old world, isn't it?

  39. Tammy schnurr says:

    I have had two separate breast surgeries. 1st one in 1996, 500 cc. 2nd in 1999 850cc. Now it is 2013 and one breast has ruptured. Completely back to original size. I have one breast at a DD and one at a B/C cup. Wow! This is another downside to having breast implants. When it ruptures, make sure you have four to twelve thousand dollars to have it replaced. If it is under warranty the doctor wants to be paid still. The implant manufacturer will decide if it is defective. Just another thing to think about.

  40. Marie says:

    No they don't. That's a myth. They are no more of an impedance than excess fatty tissue or fluid accumulation for example. Even mammograms are still accurate. Today it is standard that facilities have equipment that is excellent at diagnostic imaging for women with implants. Isn't that great?!

  41. Marie says:

    I find this article quite amusing 🙂 Its interesting how people perceive themselves as enlightened individuals but have these obvious hang-ups with things like breast implants. Who cares? A woman wants large breasts and this is a big deal? I don't get it. Live and let live, I'm much happier when I can adopt that attitude rather than trying to judge whether every decision someone else makes is a good one or a bad one. Everyone IS deferent on the inside, and that's why they make different decisions about what represents them best on the outside. I had a large breast surgery, 4 hours long, to lift my breasts and place implants. I really don't think I'm going to make the effort of explaining why I decided to do it. I wanted to. That's enough for me. I guess I never expect anyone else to justify their decisions to me, so I don't anticipate that anyone else expects that either. Bottom line for me is I really enjoy my feminine and perky breasts. As a runner I enjoy the comfort of their stability while still having what I think are awesome curves. And by the way, minimal pain after surgery. If you want them, I wouldn't consider it a deterrent. And if you don't like breast implants, the pain involved is too minimal to file this procedure under the heading of "self loathing". My advice (not that anyone wanted it) is this. If you think breast implants are a bad decision then you shouldn't get them. If you are considering them, feel free to explore the possibility, appropriateness, and feasibility for you personally… And try to let judgmental criticism simply roll off your back.

  42. Sarah says:

    I agree with you here. I just turned 30 and had my breast augmented when I was 24. Yes, it was incredibly painful (I'll soon be putting it to the test to see if it's as painful as childbirth) but I have never regretted it. Even now, when I've gone vegan and do yoga and only use "clean" products and eat organic/non-GMO. I just never felt comfortable with the way my breasts looked to me- not to anyone else. Most people are really shocked when I tell them I've had the surgery because the size they are now is very fitting/proportionate to the rest of my body. They look really natural.

    Yes, it is major surgery and it is a HUGE decision and expense to ponder. Will I have to get them redone eventually? Yes, of course, unfortunately. But that's at least two babies away and I'll get there when I get there. By the way, if you have them done well the first time, you should hopefully not have to have them done again because something "doesn't look right." And if they're done under the muscle, you should have no problem with breastfeeding either, which even then I knew was something I wanted to do eventually.

    To say there's a difference between someone wanting to get it done because of a mastectomy versus just wanting to get it done for self confidence…well, granted the first person has probably been through more but who is to say that? It did wonders for my self confidence and I don't feel I'm any less deserving than someone else. Nor would I like to judge who is deserving of it.

    PS. If a man doesn't want to be with you because of your "fake boobs" or tattoos or the way you eat or any other superficial reason not pertaining to your personality and to who you are, then he is really the judgmental one and not worth being with in the first place. My husband loves mine and always laughs when he hears people talking about fake boob stereotypes/myths (they look or feel hard, the nipples always stick out, etc- none of which are true) because he says to me, "They're not 'fake.' They're still yours." He didn't even know after seeing (and feeling) them when we were dating that they were implants until I told him.

    Just my bit of positivity on the subject. There are too many judgmental people out there. You're fine to have your views in the article, but keep an open mind and don't judge books.

  43. Michele says:

    Disgusting article. Not everyone gets implants for the reasons you suggest. Get informed before spewing your highly judgmental (and baseless) views about something you obviously know nothing about.

  44. For giving proper shape and size to the breast, breast augmentation surgery is done. By this surgery the breast can be made attractive and beautiful. This post is really very nice and the information about the twelve things to be considered before breast implant is very useful. Thanks for sharing this nice information with us.

  45. Dre says:

    I think this was a great article! Of course people are going to be offended or disapprove of what you wrote. And that is OK. I have read tons of articles on breast jobs and even my boyfriend of 5 years told me that he prefers bigger breasts. I have cried over it and though long and hard about it….I came to the realization that my own mind has been ridiculing my own beautiful breasts because of the impact society has on the collective 'standards' of what is hot and sexy. Women fall for this BS by thinking there is something wrong with them. Slowly we are turning into plastic dolls. The only way we can turn this breast obsessed society around is by non-compliance. Boob jobs, and yes I said 'boob' were invented for profit and gain just like any other cosmetic surgery. I can totally understand if someone was born in this society deformed and needing surgery for that personal matter. Yet when women are perfectly fine and have to go through surgery to feel better about themselves and their own self worth based upon the opinions of men, its f'd up. I do agree with the author that it will make aging more difficult with a plastic rack. All I gotta say (besides my rant) is that its the Western Women (according to the Dali Lama) that is going to turn this world around. And getting boob jobs, plumping your lips, and f'n with your beautiful unappreciated body is not going to help with this anti-feminine disease that infects the minds of the collective. It shouldn't even be an issue but we let it. You don't see men changing for women (there's always an exception), but the majority of men don't give a shit. They don't obsess about getting bicep implants, or messing with their bodies for more attention. Comparison, competition, jealousy, insecurity, and low self worth need to be abolished. Women are powerful and closest to God/Universe. For all those contemplating messing with what mother earth gave you how about your use that 10 grande on something worthy instead of feeding the greedy system with your narcissistic insecurity and buying into the illusion that you will be worthy since you have an enhanced set of breasts. Don't mutilate your body! *By the way I might seem a bit harsh with my comment but it is heartfelt as I myself am fed up with this beauty obsessed culture. I wrote this for myself as well. For vanity is a disease in which you will never be satisfied. Just like greed-it only destroys. So love yourself, remember what your body does for you as it houses your soul. Love it, care for it, thank it. You are beautiful! Don't clone yourself! Educate your mind and most important educate your heart- give yourself the attention you lack- its the hard way but the most rewarding. Love + Peace.

  46. kkatx says:

    Hey right on Dre! I was also surprised by all the "hateful" comments. They all seem to be written by women with…implants. So no surprises. The interesting thing is, the article is not judgmental toward anyone who has gotten implants. It is simply stating some known (and researched) facts, and asking readers to think before getting a major surgical procedure that will not be over even once the intial operation is. How is that "hateful and judgmental?!?" If this article causes even one person to at least consider the long term risks and realities, then it is a good thing.

    Honestly, I also think a few of the commenters work in the plastic surgery/implant industry. I mean really, who cares if a writer calls them tits or boobs. Give me a break!! Those people with implants who are offended by the word "tits" are a scream – I can tell you all right now that every guy that checks your rubber rack is thinking in those exact words… go to any "guy" type forum (like for car gearheads, for example) and you will find out just what kinds of words are used in conjunction to your anatomy…

    All implants of any type are about one thing and one thing only: ego. Doesn't matter the "reasons" given, they are all ego. And I am not saying that it is easy to face this, or to work with it or to change it. It is difficult (obviously!!). But true nonetheless.

    Thank you for the article. Ignore the haters; they are in an emotion-based attack mode and did not read the article very closely. You just might have saved someone's life with this piece, and that is worth any and all criticism that has come your way.

  47. Barbie Bellz says:

    Goooo Rubber Racks! Lol, this is so funny.. “Fake” boobies are kinda cute & REAL MEN go for what is unseen inside your heart.. Not the gummy bears in ur frame.. & “Fake” boobs happen to look a whole lot better than real big fatty tits so.. I guess that why ya’ll be hatin’ hahaha.. Hugs&Kisses to everyone x

  48. Dianna says:

    I don't think she's judging anyone. I think she is giving those who just want to look better because they feel they are not as wanted as women with big breasts another perspective that is not parallel to what the media makes us believe is beautiful. Everyone has their reasons for doing what they do. I believe you and many others on here have taken this very personal when this writer was not aiming particularly at women in your situation. They are simply aiming at women who do it because they are tricked to believe that the bigger your breasts are the more your liked. This is a major issue in society today.

  49. johnlewis90 says:

    This will be an informative article for people. The author included all the necessary details as points, which makes it easier for people to understand. He had specified twelve relevant points to be checked before breast implants. Cheers.