The truth behind Shark Week.

Gordon Ramsay on Shark Fin soup.

“In 2006, 75% of Chinese didn’t know that sharks were killed to make shark fin soup. But now, 91% of Chinese support a nationwide ban, thanks to activism work by Yao Ming and others.” (howtoconserve.org)

Costa Rica. China. Taiwan. On our plates.

Why do you eat shark fin soup? It’s delicious. Never. Tradition. Gold mine. Just the fins. I’m a businessman. I know this is legal. 800 hooks. Babies before given chance to reproduce. Indiscriminate. Shark Trust.

Good for him…and yet, any of this could be applied to our eating of cows or chickens, let alone pigs or foie gras, no?

Gordon Ramsay from his special “Shark Bait”, he tries Shark Fin Soup in Taiwan! This is a must see clip! We donate a portion of all app sales to help saving our oceans and stoping this kind of abuse. You can help, donate here,


Update: Consumption of shark fin in China dropped by 50-70% in the last 2 years due to aggressive animal rights campaigns.

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Jonathan Waller May 17, 2013 12:38am

If we didn't eat them there would be no cows, pigs sheep etc…. and yes people could use them for other reasons. milk wool etc…. but milk is bad for humans and hey it's all exploitation of animals right? I suppose some people would keep them as pets? But then they would suffer the same issues of specialised breeding that make most breed of pedigree dogs suffer!
So really if we stop "exploiting" farmed animals… they will become extinct!

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