Masturbation: A Path to Enlightenment. ~ Sarah Gunnin

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on Sep 8, 2011
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I met my two best friends in nursing school. We all sat at the same table. We all sat at the same table. We still hang out now, five years later. Angelina is older than me and Manda is younger.

We started doing yoga on our lunch breaks and found that yoga not only helped us stay alert the second half of the day, but also calmed our nerves and helped us do better on exams. However, try as we might, we just sometimes had moments of, “I’m gonna freak out.” Tests were weekly and grades below 86 were failing. It was a challenge.

Angelina was a single mom, bartending at an intimate Italian restaurant fulltime and going to school.

I was an ex-stripper.

Manda was 21, a hot, badass drummer, making money playing in bands and much wiser than her years.

 We all needed a new way to release energy and strengthen our light.

One morning, Manda floated in to where we were studying and sat down with a sigh and a slight smile. She had the look of an ecstatic woman.

sexy lady
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“Did you get laid?” we questioned.

“Sort of,” was the reply and then she went on to reveal what had happened:

That morning her alarm clock went off at six but she couldn’t open her eyes; her heart felt heavy in her chest; her body was lead in the bed.

Then, she had a brilliant idea.

She masturbated.

Oh yeah, she did.

Manda began saying affirmations to herself in her head, over and over as she was ‘energizing’ that second chakra, so to speak.

I am Truth. I am light.

As the energy increased, she kept saying the mantras and at the climax, she allowed ‘love energy’ for herself to wash over her body and strengthen her in truth and light.

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We were captivated listening to her.  She felt energized all day and of course, aced the micro test. She even got into a headstand for the first time during lunch break.

In her book, Anatomy of the Spirit, Caroline Myss says:  

“Sexual eroticism is a form of physical and emotional liberation as well as spiritual liberation. Erotic pleasure is, by nature, ‘in the moment,’ an encounter in which we drop most of our physical boundaries in order to enjoy the full measure of human contact.”

 Continuing, she says: “Kundalini spiritual practice directs the sexual energy to rise up the spine and culminate in a spiritual union with the Divine.”

We thought it was a great idea and all practiced increasing our energy that very night.

The more love we have for ourselves, the better able we are able to love others without judgment. Loving our bodies and connecting with the energy that is created and released during orgasm is union with the divine light.

During orgasm let love and strength for yourself in and out with each pulsing of your heart. Start making love.




Sarah Gunnin found yoga through her passion of dance and ballet. She has been practicing yoga for 11 years. She got her certification to teach yoga in 2006 through the AFAA. Sarah completed her Yoga Therapy certification through Asheville Yoga Center in May of 2011. She currently teaches yoga classes at the Wellness Center, ETSU, and is the co-creator of Manifest Collective. She is a practicing nurse, proud mother, and wife to her family. She believes that yoga heals all and she wants to share her passion with the world to help heal the hearts of everyone, everywhere!


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20 Responses to “Masturbation: A Path to Enlightenment. ~ Sarah Gunnin”

  1. Katherine says:

    yeah! I've been developing this practice for a while now. Nice to have it so completely mirrored and validated.

  2. Charlotte says:

    Just can't wipe the smile off my face after reading this. It's beautifully written and you achieve that golden balance between earthy and celestial–not coy, but not sanctimonious, either. So original, heartwarming, and, YES, validating! Thank you!

  3. Sara says:

    So awesome! (And Anatomy of the Spirit effing rules!!)

  4. Laura says:

    Love it!!! I totally agree with Charlotte!!

  5. mkg nambiar says:

    i am very passionate about yoga which i have been learning and practicing for the past 20 years.I want to share and be useful to others too.

  6. Steve says:

    The use of the phrase " … full measure of human contact " in the quote by Caroline Myss surely does not refer to masturbation, and while I'm not familiar with the original source of the quote, context is essential to understanding her intended meaning. I have nothing against masturbation as a practice, but most "spiritual" references place emphasis on sexual continence (brahmacharya), for which we have reference to none other than Patanjali in Yoga Sutras. Yoga is NOT to cultivate indulgence in physical pleasure, indeed, this is one of the great obstacles in achieving the deep self-knowledge and transcendent understanding (samadhi) that Patanjali puts forth as the purpose for the practice of yoga.

  7. rob says:

    or is an orgasm a doorway to the divine…is physical pleasure, AKA an orgasm a way to cure and heal ourselves by union with pure love and light…is a sexual union with love and respect a sacred act that has energy and healing power beyond our imagining? And our culture has lost sight of the sacred act of making love? Hence, our current world state which would appear to also have lost the sanctity and sacredness of making, giving and receiving love and thus pure light. Isn't the combination of the male and female energy the Divine? What better example of uniting those forces than through sex, orgasm, making love…..hmmm. love makes the world go round. so they say.

  8. Dario Jovovic says:

    kundalini rising seen by right-hand lovers…hehehe.

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  11. […] A post-retreat discussion with a good friend also attending revealed that she had masturbated while on the retreat. As “open-minded” as I like to consider myself, this was a little much. Latent Puritanism took hold of me as I exclaimed with shock “But you are not allowed to!” She pointed out to me that while we may have taken vows to save the many numberless beings or to abandon greed, hatred and ignorance, we definitely did not take any vows regarding masturbation. […]

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  13. Lucinda says:

    So Tantric Yoga is against masturbation as well as partnered sex? I thought Tantric Yoga saw everything as a path to enlightenment… everything as sacred.

  14. Lucinda says:

    "Yoga is NOT to cultivate indulgence in physical pleasure"

    You speak with an air of authority, yet have left the impression for the uninformed, that Yoga is 1 practice with one goal and one set of values.
    You do not mention Karma Yoga, Tantric Yoga, left or right hand……
    Tantric Yoga encourages indulgence in physical sensation…. considers ALL things holy,
    You may reach enlightenment at any moment, with or without sex, with or without Yoga
    The confusion of content and form.

  15. Omk says:

    Not all tantric yoga encourages indulgence in any physical sensation. It is actually very few tantric paths and tradtitions that encourage that, and those traditions have become popularized in the west through few teachers. But the main line of tantric traditions rather than encouraging indulgence into sexual pleasures, advice for controlling it, and transmutating that sexual energy for spiritual energy and into kundalini shakti, and raising that towards the higher centers.

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  17. […] Masturbation can be about learning what turns you on. Masturbation can be about discovering that you are your own beloved. Masturbation can be about setting and enacting intentions for receiving pleasure. Masturbation can be about creating boundaries for alone time. […]

  18. gay sex says:

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  19. Ethna says:

    Brahmacharya is not commonly perceived as an abstaining from sexual pleasure, but rather an abstaining from harmful (to self & others) & non mindful sexual pleasure. To that extent, so long as masturbation does not become more important to an individual than union with a partner (if one is in a relationship), it is a perfectly comparable (with the sutras) practice.

    Speaking as a woman there is no greater gift you can give your body & mind than a regular meaningful sexual release. I am not presently in a relationship & I masturbate nearly every day & I am more happy, relaxed, energised & in tune with my body than I have ever been.

  20. Djian Ji says:

    Wonderfully said Omk