September 25, 2011

Rod Stryker’s Four Desires (4D) Virtual Book Club.


The Principles of “The Four Desires: Creating a Life of Purpose, Happiness, Prosperity, and Freedom” by Rod Stryker

A Virtual Book Club.

The Four Desires (4D) is a step-by-step process based on ancient yogic teachings that enable you to figure out your life purpose (your dharma. Yes, you do have one). Once you know your dharma, you can make the contribution to the world that only you can make, overcome the inherent resistance you have to it, achieve lasting happiness, and fulfill your destiny. The best part is that you can be brand spanking new to yoga and still benefit from this amazing book. Rod Stryker wrote 4D to share the best of his thirty years of teaching yoga and meditation to general audiences. Our vision for this book club is to build a community of active 4D readers that want to better understand its key teachings.

For every step in the 4D process, there are principles. That’s what we’re sticking to. It is not our intention to use this space to share the personal exercises in the book, as they are very revealing and may require more guidance than we are able to provide via this virtual space. That doesn’t mean don’t do the exercises. In fact, developing a better relationship with these ancient teachings will enhance working the process on your own.

Wherever you are in the process of The 4D, here you’ll find a discussion on each of its principles. A new principle will be introduced weekly, with previous discussions remaining open for continuing dialogue. Though it may be interesting to know what other traditions may think about dharma or desire, this forum was created to help 4D readers assimilate the ideas presented in the book. In the event that you are stuck or really want to talk to someone about your personal  process, please refrain from posting it as part of the conversation. Instead, sign up for a 4D workshop with author Rod Stryker or set up a private appointment with our expert 4D mentors Kathy O’Rourke and Certified ParaYoga Level II instructor, Sue Neufeld. Kathy and Sue will periodically jump into the action on this virtual book club and provide general guidance about the 4D principles.

Instructions: How the Book Club Works

  • Get the book and read it
  • -Join in any time on our ongoing 4D discussions by clicking on the links below
  • -Scroll to the bottom of the discussion page and add or reply to a comment
  • -Enjoy life

Ongoing 4D Discussions:

Discussion: The Introduction
What inspires you in The Four Desires introduction?
Chapter 1: The Power of Desire
Let’s Define Desire
Chapter 2: Two Kinds of Fulfillment
Chapter 3: The Four Desires Desires For the Purpose of the Soul
Desire in My Head
Reflections on Warrior II
Experimenting with Virabhadrasana II
Chapter 4: Dharma ~ A Tree Bends Toward Light
Uncover Your Soul’s Purpose: What is Life’s Intelligence?
Chapter 5: Understanding Your Mighty Purpose
How Do You Serve Your Soul’s Purpose?
Chapter 6: What is Your Dharma Code?
How Do You Live YOUR Four Desires?
Chapter 7: Watch Your Mind Think–The Key to Being Guided All the Time
The Basic Practice of Meditation. Listening to Your Soul. 
Reflections on Upward-Facing Dog
Practicing Upward-Facing Dog.
Chapter 8: The Science of Manifesting Intention
A New Year’s Resolution Without Fail: Sankalpa
Chapter 9: What is a Right Desire
Finding Your Soul  
Chapter 10: The Sankalpa Exercise
7 Steps to Success
Reflections on Vasisthasana
Chapter 11: The Formula for Fulfilling Your Desires
From Desire to Fulfillment
Chapter 12: How Much Do You Want What You Want?
How Bad Do You Want It? 
Chapter 13: Reducing Resistance That Stands Between You and Fulfilling Your Desire.
Weeding Your Unconscious 
Chapter 14: Relax Into Greatness.
Yogic Sleep
Chapter 15: Building Momentum to Achieve Your Sankalpa~The Departure Point.
What are Your Bad Habits? 
Chapter 16: How Intention Flowers into Fulfillment
How To Make Your Thoughts More Powerful.
Chapter 17: The Power To Know What To Do.
Honoring Your Intuition. 
Chapter 18: The Power To Do What You Know
Acting On Your Hearts Guidance.
Chapter 19: The Courage to Change.
What Does It Take To Be Courageous?
Reflections on Triangle Pose
Utthita Trikonasana
Chapter 2o: Man Proposes the Universe Disposes
Learning to let go all over again.
Chapter 21: Your Miracle Angle Stage One of Non-Attachment
Your Miracle Angle
Chapter 22: Fulfillment May Be Waiting for You (to Change) Stage Two of Non-Attachemnt 
Engaging Change
Chapter 23: Freedom & The fire of Self-Knowledge Stage Three of Non-Attachemnt
Letting go of “Me” 
Reflections on Head-to-Knee Pose
Janu Sirsasana
Chapter 24: The Endeavor to be “There”
The Art of Practice: Sustained Effort Leads You “There”
Chapter 25: No Adjustment, No Fulfillment  
Chapter 26: The Pain of Not Changing
Don’t Postpone Your Happiness
Chapter 27: Contentment Changes Everything
There Are No Short Cuts To Stilling The Mind. 
Chapter 28: The White Horse
Where is Your White Horse
Chapter 29: Your Sacred Journey
A Melody to Remember  
Reflections on Virabhadrasana III:
Everything is Impermanent.

Learn more about Rod Stryker and ParaYoga at RodStryker.com 
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The Four Desires: YouTube talks with Rod Stryker
Rod Stryker travels to the largest spiritual pilgrimage in history in 2013. I’ll be there. Will you?

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