Calvin & Hobbes explains Corporate America. Only one thing has changed in the 20 years since.

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on Oct 12, 2011
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“Calvin & Hobbes Explains Corporate America To You . . .(The irony is this comic strip is about 20 years old).”

Occupy This.

The joke is all this talk of Free Market? As many others have pointed out, we subsidize the hell out of big business. We the People sometimes even cover their losses (though, generally, we make our money back).

Only thing that’s changed? Panel 6—our once strong middle class, upon which we built our nation’s greatness, get paid worse these days, even if costs of living have gone up.


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11 Responses to “Calvin & Hobbes explains Corporate America. Only one thing has changed in the 20 years since.”

  1. Painfully accurate…

  2. elcarg says:

    The blueprint for our economy. How much longer do we take it?

  3. MyMiBoSo says:

    Bill Watterson was ahead of his time. Or, I suppose, times haven't really changed…

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  5. Rick says:

    In a true free market, Calvin would be undercut quite quickly by competition.

  6. Aye Wiseman says:

    The time is now! All we have to do is , when they say "I Need A Subsidy" , just say No!! They always think of some "great social need" that we have to subsidize, but it's all lies. REGULATIONS work the the SAME WAY! We the people can regulate corps far better than crooked politicians. Less Laws and Power in Washington, NOT MORE! there is a way to peace and prosperity! War, Poverty, and Politics are Cancers on humanity, that can be cured!

  7. Jimgu3 says:

    Be sure to include eliminating subsidies to Ethenaol , Solar companies and Farmers. Lets be consistent!

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  9. Karen Eliot says:

    Another thing that’s changed — I read that comic originally on paper. Now I read it online, where it can be digitally altered w/o my ever knowing it.

  10. StanTheMan says:

    Yes, but we don't have a 'true free market', do we? Or did you forget to read the last panel?

  11. RealityLights says:

    Watterson concluded Calvin and Hobbes on December 31, 1995. You are reading reruns online and may verify their integrity by opening any Calvin and Hobbes collection. If you fear that the reprints may have been altered, look for first editions. ; )

    I own all of the original collections and have read them a few times. For many of the best strips, including the above, I may depend on even my wretched memory for verification.