Catching Thoughts: Let’s Get Nekkid with a Camra!

Via Celia Aurora de Blas
on Oct 20, 2011
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A lot of my focus over the last 7 years of my life has been to ‘get free’…(whatever that means).  And a lot of my ‘not free’ stuff happens to lie in my sector of “self acceptance in relation to sex”. I don’t think this is uncommon, though my strategy for dealing with it has always been to push boundaries and do things that I find uncomfortable ( hence my many vlogs that have something to do with sex, body parts, unmentionables or mental healing) and I realize I’m about to go there again today….So here goes it:

May I suggest something taboo to do? I’m suggesting something to do that will or could embarrass, titilate, make you feel powerful or free, or give you a whole new perspective on life.  Nudie Photos! Make them! Yes YOU! Here’s why they may be important for you to do:



What have you found helpful to do on your road to self acceptance?




About Celia Aurora de Blas

Celia Aurora de Blas is an Actress, Producer and Yoga Nidra teacher in Los Angeles. By being honest and public about her path in changing herself, she intends to help others by example. "Change is challenging, but it helps when we see others do what we're trying to do. It makes it less scary."


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