What both Occupy Wall Street protesters & Tea Party members are upset about.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Oct 27, 2011
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Obama, on Leno, compares Tea Party to Occupy.

A wise, sweet friend of mine recently objected to Obama’s comment on the Tonight Show re the Tea Party and Occupy.

Here’s the video.

Here’s her objection, which I sympathize with:

“I was watching President Obama on Jay Leno and when he was asked about Occupy Wall Street – he said [and I paraphrase ] “well aw shucks Jay ya know folks are upset and things are tough and when it is like this you get the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street…”

Did the President really just compare Occupy Wall Street to the Tea Party? Wow…if he really believes that…I believe, Mr. President, that you are surely underestimating and misunderstanding this.”

Here’s my response:

Many 99 percenters have said that same point…that the 99 percent includes the Tea Partiers, that everyone is upset…just that we all blame diff things—government, corporations. Interestingly, I think most of the problems with our gov’t stem from the influence of money, lobbyists…you know, corporations.

I think our president holds the center, always, trying to find what unites us, instead of divides. I know that can be frustrating and ineffective against the conservatives, who are in it to win it…but we are all in this together, at the end of the day, and he promised to try and change the culture of Washington, not win partisan battles. I’m supporting him in that.

Later, my friend and other friends of hers and I all came gently and friendly-like to the same page. My friend closed by sharing this, from another one of our pals:

How do you view all this?


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4 Responses to “What both Occupy Wall Street protesters & Tea Party members are upset about.”

  1. vhnewton says:

    My opinion is that any attempt to label ANYTHING as us/them, left/right, conservative/liberal, democratic/republican is distracting and dishonest and divisive. No matter what else we are, our common denominator is that we are ALL AMERICANS. We need to make and support choices that are for the good of ALL OF US- young or old, rich or poor, powerful or weak. If every one of us made the commitment to look out for the best solutions for our entire society and not just our own narrow interests, we would all be better off. Capitalism, Communism, Socialism? How about COOPERATION-ism? COMPASSION-ism. COLLABORATION-ism.

  2. Tony says:

    Two sides of the same coin. We are the 99%. The tea party was actually inspired by Aaron Russo's film "Freedom to Fascism." Then they got coopted by Sarah Palin and the Koch brothers.

  3. Rob says:

    I don't think anyone in the United States quite gets it. From this outsider's point of view, each political party is a side of the same coin – a coin that is minted by the Federal Reserve at the behest of the few and the powerful. Follow the historical flow of capital and you'll see that except for a few hiccups along the way, it has always been manipulated in that direction. I watched in dismay as America ran to Obama as if he was going to be the country's saviour. While I understood and sympathised with the sentiments, I felt certain he would fail to deliver. Now I see the country polarised again, with Republicans and Democrats pointing their fingers at each other.

    Solutions? @vhnewton put it as well as it can be put, but it has to reach beyond America's borders. While you worry about joblessness at home, another country has been destroyed in the name of "humanitarian intervention." That alone is reason enough to question the morality of the current administration.

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