Playboy Yoga & Bud Light. {Videos}

Via Jennifer Cusano
on Oct 2, 2011
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Okay. I have officially seen it all. After writing my last post about Yogasms, I was interested in the different ways sex and Yoga mingle, and what I found was a large array of videos like these, and pictures of everything from Naked Yoga to an ad from Yoga Journal for “toe sox” (see below).

I think the whole Playboy Yoga thing is total ridiculousness, but the theme behind Naked Yoga, that there is nothing uncomfortable about your naked body, is sort of beautiful.

Enjoy (I think?)!

and another

Bud Light commercial from 2003:

and the ad (one of many) from Yoga Journal.



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20 Responses to “Playboy Yoga & Bud Light. {Videos}”

  1. Rhonda Leigh says:

    It is so damn frustrating when talking to friends about Yoga it always goes to the sexual tantric place!… sure is my sex life better after developing a daily practice! That is simply because I am better in tune with me!… Namaste!

  2. It is, and it is so stereotypical too, it bothers me. You have to laugh about it though!

  3. candicegarrett says:

    perhaps naked yoga isn't uncomfortable when you look like that. But oddly, the adds promoting bodies like those are part of the catalyst that make "normal" women feel uncomofortable, no?

  4. absolutely, I certainly wouldn't do naked yoga–you are one hundred percent correct

  5. Ben_Ralston says:

    Jennifer, perhaps you missed 'Toesox-gate' here on Ej? I wrote an article at the time which I believe might amuse you 🙂

  6. Juliette says:

    This subject is old and stale. How much of this is EJ going to continue to recycle?

  7. Imthatg1rl says:

    I find the Playboy Clips make me nauseous. The Bud Light clip made me laugh. I appreciate Kathryn Budwig's beautiful physic in the ToeSox ads.

  8. I'm sorry I didn't realize that it was so old! Thanks for commenting though! Love and Light

  9. My thoughts EXACTLY LOL!

  10. ben~

    That seriously made me laugh so hard! Thanks for sharing another one of your brilliant articles!


  11. P.S. I am still fairly new to ELEJ which may be why I didn't see this posted before. Sorry 🙂

  12. Like anything, it's how you use it. Certainly, there's a difference between naked yoga that's for the benefit of the practitioner(s), which seems perfectly valid, though I don't personally get the appeal (certain things get in the way enough when they're restrained by clothing) and the Playboy-type naked yoga meant that's meant to titillate the viewer, which seems both a perversion of yoga and rather lame porn (perhaps because it's not perverted enough).

  13. elephantjournal says:

    Good point! But…Yoga's old, too. Old isn't bad, if it's timeless. And the tension between sexuality, tantra, meditation, tradition, and yoga practice is…timeless, like it or not—particularly with the flash and strength of mainstream pop culture, as evidenced above. That said, yes, we have covered this, and more—we've played a central role in this conversation over the past few years, and I'm mostly proud of that. It's a tough subject to discuss and get right, but many community members have tried.

    PS: you get points for being first elephanter to make recycling sound bad. ~ W.

  14. Tanya Lee Markul says:

    W-O-W !!

    Just posted to "Popular Lately" on the Elephant Yoga homepage.

  15. Tanya Lee Markul says:

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  16. My favorite is the look I get when I tell men I am a "yoga instructor." It makes me want to smack them!

  17. […] my friend Mij, an avid yoga practitioner and instructor, informed me that there is such a thing as naked yoga. Naked yoga is exactly what it sounds like. Interestingly, repulsion was not my first reaction to […]

  18. Chris says:

    Ok, so as a male I know I am about to catch a tremendous amount of slack for this, but why is the playboy yoga so offensive? Its FAR from being the only or worst example of yoga being sexualized. I used to see an actual yoga program on TV that wasn't nude but I dare say more suggestive. Considering it's playboy, I don't know what standards every else expected but frankly, I thought it could have be much worse. At least this model doesn't seem to have any blatant plastic surgery as plenty of playmates have (although I can't say I've really looked at playboy since grade school). And lastly, a good friend of mine is a male yoga instructor and let's be honest, while men maybe more obvious he has numerous advances from his female students. But I sympathize regardless because as a massage therapist I find the urge to smack every person who makes a happy ending joke, which covers about 90% of people (they always think they're the first). Personally, I'm more annoyed by the "yoga chic" attitude then things like this. A spiritual discipline corrupted by materialism and ego, but that's another topic all together. I think nude yoga could be a beautiful thing in personal practice, I probably wouldn't join a class but would love to practice with my partner.

  19. Chris says:

    Hahaha ok I didnt see that second video with creepy voice over, yeah, thats a bit much. But I think its hypocritical to find the advert funny and be offended by the other. I mean, come on.