November 15, 2011

Boycott Discovery until they give US all 7 Episodes of BBC’s Frozen Planet.

Update: the protest worked.

We want the Whole Thing—give U.S. the whole truth and we’ll follow up with 10 blogs urging our readers to watch Frozen Planet.

Discovery owns Treehugger (world’s best green web site) and Planet Green.

Via the Front Page of Reddit: “The episode of Frozen Planet viewers in the US won’t see.”

BBC: “In the case of Discovery in the USA, they had a scheduling issue…”


On Thin Ice, which cost approx 17 million Euros to produce, is seven episodes long. The last deals with climate change—a pressing issue said to be irreversible in only a few years, and an episode that will be shown throughout the world—except, thanks to Discovery, right here in the US.

Irony of the Day: Home of Freedom of Speech censors media to suit Political Views.

On Thin Ice features Sir David Attenborough, 85, talking at length about the melting of the ice and featuring hungry polar bears.

Viewers in the United States, where climate change sceptics are particularly strong group, will not see the full episode.

Instead, the BBC said that Discovery, which shows the series in the US, had a “scheduling issue so only had slots for six episodes”, so “elements” of the climate change episode would be incorporated into their final show, with editorial assistance from the Corporation.

However, the Frozen Planet DVD will be sold overseas – including the US – containing all seven episodes as broadcast in the UK.

A spokeswoman for the BBC said it was not be feasible to force networks to buy the climate change episode…



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