Follow Cutie Girl Into The Forest! …Flowing Images and Story (music at the bottom).

Via Joana Smith
on Nov 18, 2011
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This completes day 3 of “3 days of love and water,” tomorrow we’ll get back into the real life revolution. See you then!



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3 Responses to “Follow Cutie Girl Into The Forest! …Flowing Images and Story (music at the bottom).”

  1. JoanaSmith says:

    It's like when people miss the chance to go deeper, or just stay on the surface level. People say "I love you," but what does it mean? Sometimes it just has to do with listening and seeing a person as they are, heading into the forest with them. There are broken things, hard things, beauty.. but it doesn't have to be scary when I have You with me.

    The "more rules," I think I was using to illustrate the left brain vs. right brained divide, and also where consumption comes in. We try to bridge the gap with some*thing*…. I liked what you said once that man cannot understand the woman. So to me, she's trying to bridge it with objects in our society. "Looking for a loop-hold on your heart." Some handle. . lip gloss, shiny, new,

    I think that's what advertising tries to get us to believe, that stuff will be the medicine, the salve, pill, but it's hollow because people are always moving around. You can't posses them, or win them. Communication, It's that dance we do together. Two souls, touching.

    That's why:

    "Each day I stop knowing how to love you…"

  2. JoanaSmith says:

    I like that line in the Little Mermaid that Ariel sings:

    "I've got gadgets and gizmos-a-plenty, I've got whosits and whatzits gallore. Want thing-a-ma-bobs?…. I've got twenty! But who cares, no big deal, I want more…….I want to be where the people are, I want to see, want to see them dancing."

    We are working on making Christmas gifts today here at home. My family always says "stick to pictures of the kids," other people say that we can give to a charity for them. I remember that feeling though, from my childhood the higher price-tag of an item means More joy. As a kid I remember the feeling of the One BIG GIFT. And you get your hopes up for it..which, inevitably sets up more for the fall. There is always disappointment when you look to an object as a savior. It's a funny thing we've ingrained in ourselves about Christmas.

    There is something about the Gift. Why do we give it? ….you say, to have feelings of Joy.

    You're right about being poor, because we are, and the things we want are the things we need, too. It all comes together that way… I think of "Consider the Lilies…..Look at the birds of the air…."

    And I like that you mentioned "that advertising photo of the Joy-filled family," because I think images are so powerful in informing our decisions….

    Nathan and I were just talking last night about how we each used to watch more movies than we do now. Remembering a time. You can become involved in the life of a character or a movie that you forget it's a set and and a script that a writer has written, it's a screen, it's character-types (written by people in board rooms in L.A.) saying and doing things to put forth a plot.

    One of the most damaging things about it I think can be the surroundings, on an emotional level. You see the insides of house/apartments that are decorated by a designer for that film, *only* that film. The character appears to live a certain kind of life that we recognize, something close to a reality we've experienced. But there's product placement, there's lots of factors at play. When we relate to the character we want to be like them, it effects our ideas about what we buy, and how we feel about ourselves and who we want to be. It's so strange.

  3. Mark says:

    Beautiful art Jo. Keep the stories/movies coming!