Maybe, Just Possibly, the Most Beautiful Yoga Video Ever.

Via Walk The Talk Show
on Nov 7, 2011
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The lovely Elena Brower, NYC, a few years back—just after the birth of her baby.

Full-screen it and watch it where/when you can hear it.

I give you…Elena Brower. And, via Alex King, a video that captures the spirit(uality) of yoga, not just the technical asanas, alignment.

Youtube version has 30K+ views. Awesome, but deserves mucho more! Still, it’s the most views for well-loved, lovely Elena on any video:


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11 Responses to “Maybe, Just Possibly, the Most Beautiful Yoga Video Ever.”

  1. Jason Gan says:

    I love it

  2. benoit says:

    no way!

  3. Tanya Lee Markul says:

    LOVE IT!

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  4. jean says:

    Love it except for the arrogant comments by the guy…. wish they'd just cut him out!

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  6. Azra says:

    Sorry , but I don't see it (extraordinary beauty I mean..)… it's just another one …

  7. Mary says:

    what's the song in the background?? love it.

  8. Jason Gan says:

    I still love it.

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  10. Karen Katz says:

    I'LL BE HONEST-it is beautiful, but I think this actually discourages as many people as it encourages-b/c so many people especially women, struggle with issues of body image, beauty, non-beauty. I am a very attractive 57 year old woman who looks young for her age (partly b/c of yoga) and I am pretty fit, though only a beginning yoga student. … learning the yamas and niyamas help me to accept that I will probably never be as "advanced" a practitioner as this very lovely lady….still watching her, I get a little sad and envious, and rue giving up yoga from the age of 20 to the age of 55…and if that is how it makes me feel, what about the totally unfit and (subjectively) unlovely?

  11. Melina says: