November 27, 2011

This Video “Thrive” should be required viewing for everyone Alive on Our Planet Right Now.

…so of course it is composed of copyrighted material…

The Torus, or Toroid energy field

SPONTANEOUS DISCLAIMER: The views here expressed do not represent those of the nebulous entity known as elephantjournal. The facts and opinions offered in “Thrive” are those of the persons depicted. The accompanying commentary-babble is obviously mine.


More often than not, if you search “Thrive movie” on the YouTubeMachine, there is a fresh edition of the full 2-hour documentary available for your viewing pleasure.

My intention here is to support the filmmakers by exposing as many folks to their illuminating presentation as possible. As such, I strongly encourage you to seek out a complete and careful viewing of the film, whether you have the immediate means to offer monetary support or not. What matters most of all is that we share the message.

For now, sharing the preview will have to do:

Check ThriveMovement.com for more.

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Read 5 comments and reply

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