December 9, 2011

Moon Salutations for Dwindling December & A Full Moon Eclipse. ~ Rossana Jeran

Hustle & Glow: Hard to believe it’s December, 2011!

What a perfect time to take a moment from the hustle to just reflect. Not on the past, not on the future, but on the now. Your now. Let’s wind down the year, pay homage to our inner selves and the last full moon/lunar eclipse of 2011 with a little yoga.

Yogis believe that if we want harmony in the mind and body, we need a tool that will allow that integration to take place. The key word is: allowing. Yoga is the tool and the body the vessel, in creating harmony within the self. But allowing… Allowing is the real juice. The elixir. The flow.

Moon salutation, anyone?

A moon salutation, sometimes referred by its Sanskrit name, Chandra Namaskar, is a soothing yet powerful sequence that counterbalances sun salutations (Surya Namaskar). They allow us to honor the moon and feminine aspect of ourselves, in contrast to sun salutations, which honor the sun and are more masculine, in nature.

A moon salutation is a great way to direct this energy and soak up the cool, relaxing qualities, physically and mentally. They can be done any time of the day to stretch the spine and hamstrings and strengthen your legs, arms, back, and abdominal muscles. Keep moon salutations in mind for evening… an excellent remedy for insomnia!  A moon salutation is also the perfect complement to new and full moon cycles and a way to focus inwardly.

You see, full moons can take an emotional toll on us. We may feel a sense of loss, sadness, even depression. Just plain funky! This particular full moon comes with a twist: A total lunar eclipse. This happens when the sun, earth and moon are in a straight line, geometrically in space, with the earth in the middle.

We are actually in the window, between eclipses, which began with a new moon and solar eclipse the day after Thanksgiving. This window closes on Saturday, December 10 with the full moon, lunar eclipse. A potent time indeed.

Themes around this particular eclipse are relationship oriented and we may find ourselves in difficult issues concerning business, love or any other important partnerships. Understand that certain people or situations may even fall away or transform in order to remove things from our lives and replace it with something more suitable to our current evolutionary path. Blessings in disguise, if you will.

Just know that whatever surfaces is an important piece to your becoming the person you are destined to be. Use a moon salutation to help calm the body, cool your emotional plane and focus your energy. The time is now.

Grab your yoga matt, some water and join me in reflection with 2 moon salutations.

Cheers and Namasté,


Two years ago, Rossana established Fit Conscious Happy and created innovative, interval based works out that blends yoga, isometrics, cardio, weight training and Mindfulness meditation. These effective workouts are proven to improve cardiovascular performance, burn fat, tone and strengthen muscle. Fit Conscious Happy offers fully programmable iPhone Apps and downloadable, 30 minute workouts for the computer or iTunes. Perfect for the busy person, family, traveler or student on the go! Certified Sacred Breath/Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga Teacher. Personal Trainer + CPR certified. Spiritual Counseling Certification – pending.

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