Warm Feet = More Orgasms.

Via Mathew Gerson
on Dec 15, 2011
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{Holiday stocking sales skyrocket}

According to Dutch scientists from the University of Groningen, the odds of women achieving climax are increased by 30%…when their feet are kept warm. Finally, a good re-use for all of those fuzzy red and white stockings.

More info on the science: here

or for a great TED Talk (10 Things You Didn’t Know About Orgasms by Mary Roach) here:

TED Talks: 10 Things you don’t know about Orgasms.

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3 Responses to “Warm Feet = More Orgasms.”

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  2. Bravo says:

    A naked woman (at least her private parts) on a shelf with alcohol in the background. Well done. Bravo. We've come a long way in not portraying women as sex objects. Why not post this on a college sorority website it would fit in just fine. Or better yet perhaps on Elephant for the enlightened, intelligent engaged reader is a better choice. Well done.

  3. irony says:

    I support the intention of this article – thank you for sharing the science. However, not only does the image portray a naked woman with alcohol behind her, but it's clearly yet another photoshopped imaged infiltrating our culture. It appears that she's missing her right thigh and has an extra arm between her legs. Doesn't Elephant advocate for the portrayal of real women, not computer simulations?