January 8, 2012

Jenna Marbles makes fun of objectifiying music videos—hard. {Warning: language}

“You better shake it around until she says stop…”

She’s controversial. She’s endearing. Many folks love her. Millions pay attention to her. And some folks can’t stand her.

I don’t recommend watching more than a few seconds of the below…you’ll get the point. The video is grating…but the point is great.

“Gender subversion in music videos! Jenna Marbles – Bounce That D*ck” (yes: lots of NSFW language)

(again, language is inappropriate for children)


I just wanna let everybody know
That I’ve been told
Since the day I first started growing pubes
To shake my ass
Well guess what
My ass is fucking tired as shit
This time it’s your turn to wiggle your man junk for me
I wanna see you shake your motherfucking penis bitch

God damn look at you
With your giant cocktapus
Gotta hand full of ones just to spend if you flop it good
I’m kidding bitch
I got bills to pay
I spend my money on myself but you can shake it for me anyway
Dude knows I’m a G
That’s short for a girl…


More Jenna Marbles.

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