January 6, 2012

“Let me pick up that cigarette butt for you…”

“…before my dog or cat eats it.”

Let’s learn to Field Strip.

My dog is always looking for crumbs and scraps everywhere he goes. I’ve seen him pick up cigarette butts in his mouth a few times, freaked out, and tried to make sure he dropped ’em. I don’t think he likes them. But I bet he eats a few a week, just ’cause he’s a dog, and the dirty ground is his entertainment.

Via an awesome Redditor:

“Cigarette filters are made from cellulose acetate, a plastic that can break into smaller pieces, but will never biodegrade or disappear. Even the biodegradable types take 10-15 years to do so, and can leach out chemicals that were originally in your cigarette into the ground.

Animals frequently eat cigarette butts mistaking it for food. There is literally a plethora of information on cigarette butts and the negative impact it has on animals and the environment. While it may not be popular to be responsible, you can certainly set a trend by doing so.

My advice to people who have problems confronting people about throwing them away is to educate them, not berate them. Let them know about the effects of a discarded cigarette butt, how it leaches heavy metals and other toxins into water and into the animals that eat them eventually killing them. Ignorance can only be extinguished by education.




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Read 4 comments and reply

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