February 1, 2012

40 Dreams & Intentions for 2012 & beyond.

I did this exercise in the first week of 2011—and to my surprise there were quite a few things that actually came through when I read it again a year later. More on that later, perhaps. I have little time and I want to make my list now.

So this is the deal: join me. Write for two minutes (or three when you type slowly, like me) anything that comes up: all your dreams, wishes and desires. Don’t hold back. That way you will give your full self the opportunity to speak (and perhaps your suppressed side would like to speak, also!).

Here we go.

I want to love

I want to be open

I want to give

I want to be successful

I want to be fit, strong and flexible (in body, mind and spirit)

I want to do amazing hikes

I want to have mystical experiences in nature

I want to inspire

I want to come home safely, wiser and healthy

I want to complete my journey, come full circle

I want to heal

I want to be healed

I want to grow

I want my voice to become stronger and clearer

I want my journey to be amazing

I want to cry out of gratitude

I want to write an interesting, comprehensive and inspiring book about the 21st Century Warrior

I want to connect with many beautiful warriors of our time and to connect them with each other.

I want our bonds to last a lifetime and realize greatness together

I want to meet and work with Jamie Oliver

I want to start a family when I’m back home

I want to be a great father

I want to give a TedTalk

I want to be financially secure

I want something outrageously luxurious to happen, to give a workshop on the yacht an oil sheik for example.

(Hmm… only two materialistic dreams. Interesting.)

I shall love

I shall search

I shall persevere

I shall share

I shall open myself up

I shall be honest

I shall trust

I shall become softer

I shall become wiser

I shall become stronger

I need love

I need God’s help

I need support

I need joy

I need you

Wow…That feels so good to do! It cleans my heart. And I didn’t see that last one coming. But there, I said it.

By the way, I just looked back at my last year’s list and check out what the very last dream is. I had no clue back then. Pretty powerful, don’t you think? Oh, and I didn’t write the list in the first week but in the fourth week. Just as I did now. There is no such thing as coincidence…not in Israel.

Try it!

And just for fun a picture from my Chassidic friend and me, taken in the house where I stayed in Tsfat. More about that story (which includes an amazing traditional Jewish wedding) in this post.

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