February 9, 2012

Is it Time to Free Orcas from Slavery? ~ Olga F’gold

John ‘K’

“There is more to life than just yourself, your own family, and your own kind.” ~ Anthony Lawrence

A friend of a friend of a friend posted on facebook:

“I was raised vegetarian and have been a wavering vegetarian all my life. But what always brings me back is this thought: that if, as we often say in yoga, our bodies hold onto our emotions and the moments in our life, then I’m eating some innocent creature’s fear, adrenaline and misery. With this ruling, the miserable life of farm animals just got worse. “ – Karma Longtin

So without dwelling too much further into eating habits what I’d like to draw form this quote is the idea of an ‘innocent creature’s fear, adrenaline, and misery.’ There are numerous studies revealing that mammals do, in fact, have feelings, memories, and relationships.

If you’re interested in starting your learning on our connectedness with animals check out:

1. When Elephants Weep by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

2. The Animal Menifesto: Six Reasons for Expanding Our Compassion Footprint by Marc Bekoff

3. The Elephant Whisperer by Lawrence Anthony (my personal favorite)

So, if we begin to acknowledge (stay with me here) that mammals are more similar to us than we can begin to even comprehend… does it ethically and morally feel appropriate to treat them as slave laborers for our entertainment?

If we further acknowledge that personal reports like Richard O’Barry, The Cove, have reported watching animals commit suicide or go crazy in capture. Does it still feel right?

elephant journal is a site, to me, that is committed to helping us learn, understand, and get in touch with our intuitions. So I ask you… to ask yourself.

Good luck, it’s a pretty deep journey.


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Olga is a traveling vagabond goddess currently trapped living a full time job lifestyle in Boston.  She keeps her soul smilin’ with her dedicated yoga practice,  running away to the wilderness in her free time, and practicing gratitude.  She loves finding things to climb, people to hug, and harnessing her inner domesticated side. If you like what you see, you can catch her meandering inspirational tidbits at http://awwsnapnews.blogspot.com.

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