Honoring Your Intuition ~ The Four Desires Virtual Book Club.

Via Chanti Tacoronte-Perez
on Mar 2, 2012
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Chapter 17: The Power To Know What To Do.

Rod Stryker’s Four Desires (4D) Virtual Book Club

In the past couple of chapters we discussed finding stillness though meditation to access the unconscious in order to be aware of the resistance that surrounds your desire, or sankalpa. We not only use the unconscious to “see” those things that hold us back, but more powerfully those things that can lead us straight to what we want most.

These next chapters are dedicated to developing a relationship with your intuition. It takes time, practice, and courage to begin to relay on our highest truth.

“Gods plan for us often becomes obscured in the conflicts of human life and so we lose the inner guidance that would save us from chasms of misery.”

How is it that we can learn to live in this world with all our humanness and be able to listen to that inner guidance? The answer should look familiar–meditation. The texts say “by mastering samyama [meditation in its various stages] prajna [the light of wisdom] dawns.” Most of us are in those stages of meditation which allows us to start to experience this light. The light that we begin to come in contact with is called dhi or true knowingness, in sanskrit.

“Dhi is the light of the inner teacher that dwells within you.”

The Four Desires leads us though the Healing Heart Meditation which begins to still the mind so that we have better access to dhi. There are many ways to access your intuition; this meditation in particular leads to emotional balance, confidence and self reliance, all of which support a more active relationship with dhi.

The most important step in honoring your intuition is to create a bond with it. The only way to do that is to engage with it regularly though meditation. Once we have moved into the still waters of the mind, then we can use the technique for accessing your dhi.


  1. Feel complete–Have the feeling of effortlessness. This is not an imagination game, you want to be sure that you are sensing delight. ‘
  2. Inner Teacher-–Rest in the presence of your intuition, know that there is something real inside you that guides you without fail.
  3. Expect nothing!–When we expect there is always disappointment. So don’t be let down, “be open to anything and everything.”
  4. Ask a question--Ask a question, precisely one that you would like an answer to. Ask this question as if you were asking a Higher Source that has limitless answers, trusting that it will give you the answer you need.
  5. Listen for Response--You asked a question you will get an answer. Be open to hearing or feeling a response. If you don’t get an answer or start to think to much go back to the first step and try again.
  6. Honor Your Voice–When you have received an answer, acknowledge it as something sacred and have a sense of gratitude for your inner guide. It is helpful to remember these questions and answers, especially if you have more than one answer, so write them down.


For me, this practice has been indispensable. As a visual learner, it becomes clearer for me to do the steps and thenwrite down the question. From time to time before I finish writing the question, I find myself answering it. Like any practice, it gets stronger and clearer as you grow your relationship with it. Rod recommends that you access your dhi regularly even if you don’t have a special or specific question.  He says, “ask if your inner guidance has anything to tell you. Then be open to it’s response.” Now go ask your DHI!

For this week lets try the Healing Heart meditation and get in touch with our dhi.  Ask your dhi anything you want but remember to follow the steps to do it.




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6 Responses to “Honoring Your Intuition ~ The Four Desires Virtual Book Club.”

  1. missmiapark says:

    i'm much better at listening to my inner voice, now that i've been meditating for 7 years. it's still a tricky process to really listen to the DHI, though. for example, i recently drove through a yellow traffic light, KNOWING it was going to tur red & my dhi said, "slow it down, sistah." i didn't listen, the street camera flashed as i sped through a red light & i'm now awaiting the $100 ticket and photographic proof that i didn't listen to my dhi. and will i pay for it! more heart meditation for me.

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  3. Nicole Linehan says:

    My dhi wants to do things that my mind is scared of. It says paint. My mind says, you don't know how to paint! I'm painting now and I love having this new form of expression. Now I'm hearing that I need to write. Even scarier! I love this post because it is reminding me how important it is to honor and follow through with what the inner voice tells me, because everything is connected. Writing is scary to me because I will be "seen," and the fear around being seen feeds into one of my vikalpas, and as that vikalpa breaks down I move ever closer to my dharma.
    Thanks Chanti. Going to commit to writing that first paragraph.

  4. Amy Whelan says:

    I completely get what both Mia and Nicole are saying. When I listen to my dhi, I am guided by my inner light, but if my ego jumps into the equation (it does this often) then no doubt, I get into trouble. Like Mia, I too haven't listened to that inner voice saying SLOW DOWN. It seems when I don't listen I have a "better" reason why I need to do it my own way: I'm late, I need to speak my mind, etc… It's only when I can sit quietly with no expectations and allow my dhi to speak. It's always there, it's just my ego is quite loud at times.

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