I Want to Know How it Feels to Care About Something Passionately.

“I suppose I do have one unembarrassed passion. I want to know how it feels to care about something passionately.” —Adaptation (film), Meryl Streep

Why am I here? How did I get here? What am I doing with my life?

These days everybody seems to be looking for a profitable plan. I can’t really blame them. Life can appear pretty scary without one. Working to live, living to work—how do you really spend your time? Are you passionate about what you do? Or do you spend most of your time working a job you don’t love? And, when you’re not working, how much time do you spend trying to figure a way out?

How do they know?

I often wonder how it is that certain people know exactly what they want to do with their lives and how others spend a lifetime trying to figure it out. I have a few thoughts about this:

Perhaps it is that life and all its mystery spontaneously unfolds our individual purpose at its own time, will and discretion. That’s one. Or, perhaps it’s people’s circumstances, granted for whatever reason, that allow them a deeper sense of clarity and freedom to know and pursue their duty. Okay, that’s two.

And three, last but not least—what I believe to be the case for most of us (those of us having at least one foot in the land of confusion) is that when we truly realize that we are faced with this great feat, that the options are vast, that we actually have freedom to choose and discover who we are through such passionate tools, that instead of going for it, taking risks, following our hearts, we choose to remain exactly where we are simply because it seems easier, safer and whatever-er, knowing all the while that deep down inside, that right there, right in that place of resistance, that it is not and never will be the least bit satisfying.

Let’s hold hands while the walls come tumbling down.

I have always felt really moved when witnessing someone share their talent, their gift, their unique creativity (their purpose). It has always given me a tremendous amount of motivation—it’s quite an exchange of energy, right? You set me free—I set you free. We all become free to be who we are, magic happens, we all have a place and purpose in the Universe. Sweet.

I have a teacher that says, “You don’t have to have all the big answers right now. Just ask the questions and keep asking the questions. Let them simmer in your life. The answers will arrive when you are ready.”

So, for those of us who don’t really have a clue, we just have to ask? And, by just asking the questions, life shares some of its mystery and our inner inkling starts to surface? I dig it. So, when we avoid these questions, because they are difficult to answer, we lose a sense of who we truly are and we lose sight of our uniqueness and what we have to offer this life. Interesting. Could it be the case?

Ask the questions—keep asking the questions.

You don’t need something traumatic to happen in order to gain a free pass to change…a divorce, an accident, a break-up or have someone else make the decision for you, so you won’t be judged. Life is unfolding before you right now. Are you awake? Are you on board? Ask the questions and listen. Listen deeply. And, if you are really listening, what are you doing about it?

Change isn’t really a choice, being who you are is. How long are we going to pretend that we aren’t unique packages of creativity and purpose?

Welcome to your life.


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