April 14, 2012

Taking Time Off: A Short Story. ~ Tammy M. Carew


Skipping the evening yoga class to sneak out to a local coffee shop for a latte and a gigantic biscotti, she sits with a silly grin on her face, as if there with a new found lover—in a way she is.

Enjoying the kitchen area clattering, the cafe scents, reading scriptures about modern day parenting, she relaxingly snuggles into the armchair. If there were a bathtub here, she’d be lighting candles and stepping in.

She feels sneaky—but not sneaky enough to do any karmic damage. She’s innocently, selfishly loving her time. Knowing how important it is for Mom to have time to herself, as it says on page 38, she indulges in the giddiness of doing something different. Stepping out of her new norm. Stepping into her true freedom.

As a woman of the world (and house), she can and does belong anywhere she chooses to be—with or with out her gorgeous kids—guilt free!

It took her too many years to stomp that into her mindset.

If this were three years ago, the guilt that would be pounding in her ears would be enough to ruin her evening. Her “sneaky” feeling would translate as utter guilt and true betrayal. Sneaking out to a coffee shop? Alone?? That’s grounds for losing her kids! She would assume every glance in her direction was scornful of how bad of a mother she surely must be.

Thankfully, diligently, patiently she overcame that drama. Knowing now she’s okay here. Just like the older man reading the paper, the young retro guys on their macs, the two females chattering excitedly about tarot cards and the couple on the awkward, but fun, first date. She, pepping off yoga, is as free as those folks. They don’t look the least bit guilty for enjoying the comfort of a sitting area away from home.

Neither does she.

 Mmmm giant, chocolate-mint dipped biscotti!


Tammy M. Carew is currently a writer who writes in random bursts of creativity because she can’t sit still long enough to focus and finish one of the dozen or-so books she has started. But will someday. Just watch!   She has studied yoga philosophy and enlightenment for the last 3 years and is finishing up her Yoga Teacher training much too soon (she’s really going to miss that group!). She is currently teaching soma yoga and simply adores helping new people fall in love with yoga. She is a mother of two, a lover to one and is in awe of her dog and dove. And she absolutely loves elephant journal for all its delicious people and wisdom. Oh and laughing… she really loves that, too. Follow her on twitter: overzealousblog@overZealousness.


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