April 5, 2012

Why Size Matters. ~ Michele Paiva

We are a society that obsesses on size.

The measure of a man or woman in our society, by the mass, is not by character or peace, but by the measure of their penis, breasts, and waist. This is my case for skinny folks.

First, my motto is this: if you are not happy at a size 24 or 14, what makes you think you will be happy at a size four?

I know the answer to this. People who think happiness and size are related are the same people who think that the people around them care about their vanity. When you are vain, a size or an appearance is all you care about. It shows in not only how you carry yourself but by your behavior toward others.

You can complain all that you want about skinny models but the truth is, if you don’t want to be judged by the junk in your trunk, then by all means, why do you feel it is correct to judge a thin model? What makes you think that every skinny female is starving herself?

Is it really fair to say that only heavier women are “real” women? What if all the thin people banded together and said that all people say, over size twelve, have eating disorders—that they have no willpower, or are all hiding under fat from some deep, dark secret? That would be unfair and unethical.

Listen up folks, fitting into a certain size jeans is not and should not be, a personal success. Being happy in that pair of jeans for who you are at any size, that is a personal success.

Sure, be happy if you need to and do, lose weight. However, the weight is not the issue, the attitude is. Our society has become so focused on the external that the internal is suffering, and not shockingly, when the internal suffers it shows externally.

Does size matter to you? Do you get offended, regardless of your size, at people mocking heavier or thinner people or, only the size you feel connected to?

Men are big on (no pun intended) penis size and breast size, but I really haven’t heard many women care about penis size, and of the men who care about penis size, the truth is going to hurt you here: the only size jerky women care about is your bank account, not penis.

The only women I hear obsessing about breast size are those who are unhappy, and again, if you are not happy as a 32B, the reality is, is that you’ll just be a bigger breasted depressive as a 36D if you don’t get your head on straight.

From biggie fries to super-sized soda, we are a society that continually puts emphasis on size. Even with food, it’s often not how the quality of food is that I hear people talking about, but how much of it was on their plate that impresses them.

Be it food or your fantasies, size seems to matter.

The measure of self worth and dignity is grossly under-rated and I fear that our dwindling supply of healthy food and pure water is going to create an even less happy and peaceful society. It will become a society where it’s all about how much you can get, and what size on the err of larger or smaller, you are, but no thought will be invested in character, or integrity of soul, or substance.

Thoughts? Agree or disagree?


Editor: Jennifer Cusano

Michele Paiva, E-RYT, Hypnotherapist and wellness warrior, is an author, yogi and national instructor & presenter. She lives with an ill-behaved yet well-dressed Chihuahua.
You can find her online at her website or on facebook.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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