April 10, 2012

Why Women Spend so Much Money on Lululemon, Discovered.

I’m not a woman, and don’t buy yoga clothes. So I’ll just skip the profound observations and get to excerpting and linking this article that manages to directly contradict itself:


Every day, women spend hundreds of dollars on clothes they plan to wear only while sweating –- sports bras, yoga pants, skin-tight “breathable” tanks. But why?Business Insider reports that it’s all about the way that retailers like Lululemon market their apparel … to appeal to women’s insecurities.


…a young woman says: “My boyfriend and I were going on vacation. We talked about getting a diamond, but with all the ThankYou Points I’ve been earning, I flew us to the rock I really had in mind.” The rock she “really had in mind” happens to be a giant rock formation near Moab, Utah. As HuffPost’s Katie Bindley wrote: “The new commercials sell women the cars and financial products they can now afford by presenting those big ticket items as tools for celebrating their independence rather than attracting a husband.” Advertisers are learning that the way to women’s wallets is acknowledging their strengths rather than exploiting their weaknesses, and by focusing on this demographic, Lululemon, intentionally or not, is appealing in part to their awareness of their own power — earning power.

Read the rest over at Huff Post, it’s worth it.





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