May 15, 2012

Mindful Manifesto #1.

Our 1st elephant poster.

If your meditation center/entrepreneur hub/yoga studio/co-work space etc could use some non-trite wallflowerage, and you happen to wanna print it, go for it—or we can email you big version (email: info at elephantjournal.com if you really want high rez). ~ ed.


Do nothing, if only for a moment or two a day.

Elephant Poster:

Do Nothing, Be Fully.

Given the opportunity to place an ad (as part of a media sponsorship, where we give up payment for some of our advertising), I didn’t want to “sell” “stuff” to “consumers.” I wanted to offer a moment of space, a reminder of what makes life sane, and successful: nothing.

Instead of an ad making noise, reaching out for you, hyping…I wanted to make an “ad” about or for you, the reader, not about or for us, the business.

So, aesthetically, the ad was meant to reflect that. Space. No @elephantjournal twitter handle or “Join us on facebook” or sign up for our weekly email newsletter, all of which would help us…but none of which you would do, just ’cause we told you to. Instead, be of service, help for a moment, offer something relephant.

Practice “doing” nothing, if only for a few moments, every day. Give up multi-tasking, and do things fully, one at a time. Relax. Relax. Stare up at the darkening blue sky and the pink-turning clouds, hear what there is to hear (including our own thoughts). Feel life, and it shall give us renewed energy and upaya. ~ ed.


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Read 23 comments and reply

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