The Tallest Artificial Climbing Wall in the World.

Via Brianna
on May 16, 2012
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It’s a 540-foot dam in Switzerland.

“Two years ago four Swiss High Mountain Guides had the brilliant idea of creating the world’s highest climbing wall right up the middle of the Emosson Dam. The Dam is situated about 10 miles from Chamonix. It is part of a huge Franco-Swiss hydroelectric scheme. There are many things that are amazing about this project. Not least the fact that the Swiss Power Company actually agreed to let the four mountain guides create the climbing wall…” Read the full story here.

And just for kicks:

 The Excalibur. 121 feet. The Netherlands.

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One Response to “The Tallest Artificial Climbing Wall in the World.”

  1. Wall Climber says:

    Impressive! Would love to have a climb on that!