Wroga: Writing & Yoga.

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Writing and Yoga: the Match of a Lifetime

In both writing and yoga, we look for the seemingly opposite. We look for openness and courage. Softness and strength. Boundaries and possibilities. We look for flexibility and rootedness, all in the same breath. It’s this willingness for wild calm, a tolerance for crazy wisdom that can transform exercise into yoga and scribbling into writing.

A writer can form the strongest paragraphs and best dialogues, but if she is not willing to touch what is most alive in herself, her writing will be lifeless.

A yogi can move through a series of asana flawlessly, but without soulfulness and strength, it’s nothing more (and nothing less) than a workout.

To avoid merely flopping limbs around in a Lululemon legging or creating proper sentences, the writer-yogi, the wrogi, must be willing to drop down. She or he needs to shed the aversion to sweat, earth, darkness and moist. Because it’s exactly in those swamps, the tropical rainforests in our minds and hearts where life thrives. Our life, to be precise.

Both writing and yoga can take you there. When combined, they strengthen each other. When your writing becomes dull, the pulsating sensation of a contracted butt cheek will cut through your conceptual mind. When your yoga practice switches to automatic gear, writing will provide vision. Together, they create an awareness of this one great, unimaginably short and mysterious life that can’t help but turn into gratitude.

Write on.

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Editor: Lynn Hasselberger

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About Geertje Couwenbergh

Geertje Couwenbergh is columnist, innerpreneur and author of three (Dutch) books. She teaches yoga and writing workshops and retreats in Europe. She is currently writing a new, non-fiction book on innerpreneurship.


8 Responses to “Wroga: Writing & Yoga.”

  1. edieyoga says:

    Being a writer and a yogi I like the simplicity, clarity and honesty. Truth does not have to hard to find but sometimes feelings intimidate. I find both yoga and writing take me into myself so questions find answers and answers find questions. The constant process of revelation lives via the process, the muse in writing and the heart in yoga. Thank you for sharing.

  2. athayoganusasanam says:

    Lovely piece.
    I find that my writing practice through blogging and journaling is my most active form of svadyaya – self-study. When I write about life and yoga, I learn about my self and my practice in new ways.
    Thanks for your beautiful contribution.
    Frances. http://www.lilablog.com

  3. cathy says:

    ok, well I resisted this for 2 days because wroga sounded like something one would throw up in the middle of yoga with a roar!

    However, I write about yoga and practice yoga, so I clicked on.. Nice article.

    Is there another term?
    Writing Righton Yoga?
    Yoga Writer Wriggling
    Write asana
    Pencil poser
    Pose n Publish?
    Spellcheck n Downward dog
    Your Soul shows.. one pose at a time

  4. catnipkiss says:

    Wroga, I love it! I never thought there would be anything to write about concering yoga, but I was wrong. I like the way you drew parallels between the two. going deep is always better (in so many ways!!) – Alexa Maxwell

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  6. Stefanie Lipsey says:

    Nice article! I love what you say here about Writing & yoga: "Together, they create an awareness of this one great, unimaginably short and mysterious life that can’t help but turn into gratitude." I agree. I pack my gratitude with me wherever I go. Thank you for sharing. – Stefanie

  7. Geertje says:

    Thanks everyone! I love your suggestions for a different name, Cathy. 'Yoter', lol… Keep them all in mind!

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