June 13, 2012

What Your Yoga Teacher Really Thinks about You.


Want to know how we really feel about you?

You walk into class and maybe your day is still clinging to your thoughts; maybe it’s still registered in your body. Perhaps your mind is entangled with the argument with your spouse, or you’re stressed from coping with your angry boss, and perhaps still frazzled by your child’s decision to smear poop in his hair.

Maybe you’re relieved to be here in class with me, or maybe you’re already sizing up those around you or even yourself to pre-judge what you think your practice will look like that day.

As we begin, maybe you feel sluggish, unfocused, inflexible, and unrooted. Maybe you self-consciously pull your shirt down when it sneaks up in half moon. Maybe you re-fix your hair midway through class, more so because you think it looks too messy instead of it just being in the way. Maybe you feel awkward for being one of the only male/overweight/underweight/(insert other lame self-imposed yoga class criticisms here) bodies in the room.

Hey you. Yes, you. I’ve got news for you.

I think you’re beautiful.


 I think you are beautiful in every single way possible. I think the fact that you showed up today was amazing, and I think when I see you often, showing up and working hard, you’re amazing. You’re amazing when you’re drenched in sweat, even when your shirt moves in all sorts of directions that drive you nuts. You’re amazing when you struggle to find your drishti and then do and have peace. You’re amazing when you try to weasel your way into a pose more deeply and fall out, pushing your edge instead of staying comfortably complacent to keep things copacetic. And maybe you’re most amazing when you honor your body and come down to child pose because you are so connected at that second, you know it’s where you need to be

You are amazing for just being you, for showing up and doing your best to set aside the “humanness” of life, the little frets and worries and aches and pains, to just be present. All I can think of is how humbled I am to have you there in my class, sweating and flowing and occasionally truly breathing and basking in moments of stillness. I’m awed to have your presence with mine, to be fortunate enough to witness your efforts and your spiritual transcendence right in front of me. I’m blown away that I’m the tour guide on today’s journey and you have come to spend the time with me as we explore what is and what will be.

While you are perhaps judging yourself, your practice, your neighbor’s practice, I am only loving on the beautiful energy you bring to class. I’m in adoration of the glowing love that comes forth from you, whether you see it or not, to make this place a sacred space for us all.

Yes, I’m still talking about you.

And I’m not alone. Other teachers feel this way too. We are collectively humbled and honored by your mere existence. Sometimes we tear up at the mere thought that we get to be tour guides on this most magical journey with the most magical people, such as yourself.

We know sometimes life is hectic, but please, keep coming. Keep taking care of yourself from the outside in and the inside out. And we will be here loving you just the same. Every single class.

‘Til next time…






Editor: Brianna Bemel


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