June 19, 2012

Get Grounded With Your Root Chakra. {Video} ~ Ashley Turner

Ashley Turner shares her knowledge of the Chakras with Big Happy Day, beginning with the Root Chakra.

The Root Chakra governs our physical body, our sense of security, survival and safety.  Psychologically, it also governs our belief systems, our family and where we come from.  This means that any negative relationships we may have with our bodies or feelings of anxiety, unworthiness or insecurity are in part, due to an imbalance of this Chakra. To balance it, Ashley suggests taking a walk in nature, gardening or even preparing your own food.  In this video she also shares mantra, yoga postures and other tips to help ground us and re-establish our relationship with ourselves.



A frequent mind-body contributor to top tier media publications including Self, Women’s Health, Yoga Journal, Natural Health, Fitness, among others, Ashley’s core intention is to help people live with more fearlessness and freedom — resulting in more confidence, efficacy and empowerment.

Ashley is the creator of Element DVD’s “Yoga for Weightloss” and the forthcoming “Yoga for Stress + Flexibility” and “Power Yoga”. Named by Yoga Journal as “Who’s Who in Power Yoga,” she focuses on a dynamic vinyasa style, challenging students from the inside out.  She serves as ambassador and spokesperson for Zobha apparel and Manduka yoga products. 
With a Master’s in Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, Ashley sits on the faculty at Kripalu and Loyola Marymount University’s Yoga Philosophy Program .  After completing a 13-month Priestess Training, she became an Ordained Priestess and passionately infuses Tantra, Shamanism, and Feminine Spirituality into her work.
Ashley consults Hollywood creatives, leading companies, distinguished business leaders, couples and individuals. With a diverse palate and ability to speak directly to her audience, Ashley has toured with rock stars, lectures in academic settings and leads transformational workshops and retreats around the globe.

She currently teaches in Los Angeles at exhale-Sacred Movement, equinox and Yogi’s Anonymous and lives in her beachside home in Marina Del Rey, CA. AshleyTurner.org

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Louise Brooks Jun 20, 2012 3:06pm

Thank you Ashley. This is extremely helpful for me. I know for a fact that I have fear/insecurity issues do to my upbringing. I had never considered ancestral issues as playing a part as well. Knowing my mother's upbringing I strongly suspect there is such ancestral karma in my cells. Would you recommend the same things you suggest on the video, for ancestral karma, or are there more things I can try to burn off this familial karma? Thanks again.

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