July 5, 2012

Does Reference Point Therapy Really Work? {Video}

This is why it is easy and fast to heal almost anything. We are meant to be healthy and happy. It is our birthright. And whatever is blocking our experience of that perfection is easy to let go of, because it’s not really who we are.
~ Ben Ralston

Late last year, Sivananda Yoga Teacher, Reference Point Therapy Healer and regular elephant journal columnist Ben Ralston wrote a short article enthusiastically sharing the story of one of his clients—Profound Healing: Depression and Thyroid Function.

Eighteen months after he’d seen her for one Reference Point Therapy healing session, this client was still experiencing total transformation from long-lasting depression. Plus, she’d never needed the thyroid surgery she’d had scheduled.

He was sharing something he thought was game-changing, exciting and transformational. Readers didn’t agree.

They called it alarming, dangerous, irresponsible and unethical. Ben was surprised at the reaction and the debate that subsequently unfolded in the article through the more than 125 comments that followed.

I decided to interview Ben and find out more about this type of healing and why he thinks it’s so effective. Is it for real? Is Ben for real? Judge for yourself.

We talk for about 45 minutes, giving space to go in-depth to a fascinating topic. Even if you don’t have 45 minutes right now, leave this page open in your browser—or bookmark it—and can come back to it later.

This video interview originally appeared on The Yoga Lunchbox.

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Read 14 comments and reply

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