If Guns were as Regulated as Cars. {Infographic}

Via Lynn Hasselberger
on Jul 27, 2012
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Car deaths have been strikingly reduced since the 70s–because of commonsense safety measures.

“Senators who voted against the Assault Weapons Ban.”
Assault Weapons Ban

Assault Weapons Ban


Photo: Occupy Posters

This is the least we all should expect of responsible gun owners. Right?

Earlier today, I posted a brilliant Colbert video on my facebook page that addressed gun violence. A gun owner commented:

Most gun owners (including myself) that I know support the assault rifle ban. They don’t want to have to defend themselves with a pistol when the other guy has armor piercing rounds firing at over 20 rounds per second…  I think that’s just logical.

My reply:

Well, sure, that’s logical, and glad you support the assault rifle ban! Keeping up with the Jones’s guns isn’t going to work, tho, so I hope there’s a resolution on this one day soooooon.

And he agreed, saying, “we can’t just get into an arms race with the sociopaths of this world.” He said more, but you get the general idea. These types of discussions are going on all over the place…some more heated than others. And, the conversations will die down as time passes. Until the next unfortunate tragedy ignites more debate.

Some people believe violent assault weapons used in massive shootings are purchased illegally. Um, nope. Not the case.


Isn’t it time to go back to banning assault weapons?


Do you believe gun violence tragedies would decrease if guns were as regulated as cars? Do you have a better solution?

Please commit to joining a meaningful conversation about how we can prevent the future loss of innocent life by signing the petition to President Obama and Governer Romney to say, “We are better than this.”

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  2. cloverfield says:

    "Do you believe gun violence tragedies would decrease if guns were as regulated as cars?"

    Yes I do! Regulations of gun is a must! Definitely! I do hope they'll make it more stricter for people to get a gun. Like having medical check-out to see whether the person has mental health? or family/depression issue? Problem with social life? Who knows?

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