Louis CK on the Rape Joke controversy.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jul 17, 2012
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Louis CK on Jon Stewart, on the Daniel Tosh Rape Joke controversy.

We all take ourselves too seriously. We all need to shut up, and listen.

Men, listen. Women, shut up. Now we can get back to killing the Jews.

On comedy vs. taking ourselves too seriously vs. listening and learning and community. Love this:

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9 Responses to “Louis CK on the Rape Joke controversy.”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Until men take responsiblity for the fact that they are the ones who are essential, and essentially missing, in the movement to end violence against women, we will continue to perpetuate a culture where one in three women will be sexually or physically assualted. A threat that faces one third of all women is not a joke. It's not a "feeling". A real man would not joke about how funny it would be for a woman to be gang raped. And a real man would not make excuses for someone who does. Comedian or not.

  2. hkoren says:

    What is interesting to me about this whole controversy is that we don't see many comedians making funny jokes about murder and pedophilia. Can't these crimes have hilarious aspects to them also?

  3. Dearbhla says:

    Really Waylon?

  4. Mr. Science says:

    I think Daniel Tosh's bit that started the controversy began witha bunch of Jerry Sandusky jokes. For whatever that is worth. I don't like rape jokes, but many comedians are pretty constant in their willingness to offend. There are tons of murder jokes every time there is a new serial killer story.

  5. Mariucc says:

    Jon Stewart does not appear to be feeling this at all. Love him.

  6. jon says:

    i can assure you that us "men" are not one collective group and as such we can not take collective responsability, we are made up of individual people
    people need to end violence against people rather than focusing on men vs women, men vs men, and women vs women

  7. persefoni says:

    Blaming men as a whole for violence is like blaming women as a whole for overpopulation.

  8. Jennifer says:

    Agreed, I love how uncomfortable Jon Stewart looks during this interview. And I think I should clarify my first post. Over 90% of rapists are men who rape women. Now, women do rape and sexually assault their women partners, and women also rape and sexully assault men, and men rape and sexually men. BUT, statistics demonstrate that men, in general, are the problem.

    What I meat to convey is that men are also the solution. Women have been working for decades to end violence against women through prevention, education, awareness, and support for survivors. But the fact that rape jokes are considered funny, shows us how far we still have to go. And the only way we will get there, is if men, all of them as individuals take responsiblity, not just the "enlightened ones", and join women in recognizing that rape and sexual assault are not "women's issues" that they affect everyone. And I agree, we need to end violence altogether. But we're talking about rape here, so that's where my comment is directed. And I do apologize for the binary sex/genders, because this discourse really applies to everyone.

  9. Not-Jenny says:

    Woot Jennifer is a sexist, thank god that's new! It's OBVIOUSLY women's fault they git (/snicker) rapeded. Okay all jokes aside, Jenny you could fill your head with enough knowledge to make Einstein flip out and Mr. Hawking's start pulling wheelies but you would still be an idiot. Here's why: You were born that way.

    Now really, no man with half a brain condones rape so "Men" are not the solution but the problem is with "Man". As in the whole because (if we use your "facts" of 90% of rapist yada yada yawn) men aren't raised alone they are raised with, generally (since the "statistic" that 20% of the world is homosexual, and everyone want babies because they are so frakking cute. AMIRITE?! yes I am. thank you. You're welcome), two parents, help of many a teacher (we love you guys), and the internet. See it's a very non gender specific problem with a very non gender specific solution, stop allowing people treat each other like second rate citizens no one rapes someone they respect because then it's BDSM and it's done very dark leathery places.

    Just as not all men (I'm looking at you Chris Brown) speak out against violence towards women neither do women themselves even during the women's rights campaigns there were women who agreed that women belonged in the kitchen (the smart ones. just kidding) and under a man. We need to teach the proper use of power and respect of one another not based on sex of any sort. It won't happen because someone needs to be the scapegoat, I was raised under a very strong southern woman who was in an abusive relationship for many years, but only through her own strength was she able to really get free. She also wasn't stupid like Jenny.